This site tells the story of the North Irish Horse regiment during the First World War, including its operations as cavalry, cyclist and infantry formations. It is dedicated to my grandfather, Francis Joseph McMahon, whose story inspired my research and is told here.


A detailed history of the North Irish Horse can be found in my book The North Irish Horse in the Great War, published by Pen & Sword Military. To purchase a copy click on the cover image below.




If you would like more information on a family member who served in the North Irish Horse during the Great War, please feel free to contact me (email address below).


A separate site on the 6th (Inniskilling) Dragoons Service Squadron, which served with the North Irish Horse through much of the war, can be found by clicking the Inniskilling badge below.




On manoeuvres - photograph.

Lieutenant Leslie Ion Stuart, 2nd Lieutenants Thomas John Savage and James Denny, Sergeant Alexander McConnell, Lance Corporals Joseph Deery, James Freeborn Wray and Alexander Parker Erskine and Privates Frederick McConnell, Francis James Best, Stafford Woods O'Neill, Patrick Sheridan, John Scott, Samuel Thomas Sheils, Robert John Hull, Michael Dominick McVeigh, George Moorhead Shannon, Matthew Hagan, Charles Henry McDaniel and Robert Samuel Richmond.

Images from the Harrow school of students who became North Irish Horse officers - John Valentine Adair, Richard Arthur Grove Annesley, Arthur Kenlis Maxwell, Neil Graham Stewart-Richardson and Cyril Henry Talbot Wright.


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