2nd Lieutenant Peter Baillie


Peter Baillie, an electrical engineer, was born at Haymarket, Edinburgh, on 16 November 1889. His father was Alexander Baillie, a machinery supervisor.

He joined the 2/1 Lothian and Border Horse (No.2007) on 10 November 1914 and eight months later transferred to the 1/1 Lanarkshire Yeomanry (Lowland Mounted Brigade Signal Troop).

Sent to the Dardanelles, he arrived at Helles on 1 October 1915. However later that month he contracted dysentery – he was hospitalised and invalided to England at the end of November.

Following four months training at the officer cavalry cadet school, Kildare, on 6 September 1916 he was commissioned and posted to the 10th Reserve Cavalry Regiment. In April 1917 he joined the 2nd North Irish Horse Regiment at Boeschepe and was posted to A Squadron (the 6th (Inniskilling) Dragoons Service Squadron).

In September 1917 the 2nd North Irish Horse Regiment was dismounted and absorbed into the 9th Battalion, Royal Irish Fusiliers. Baillie was posted to the battalion and joined on 8 November, but five days later left for England to transfer to the cavalry branch of the Indian Army Reserve of Officers.

He embarked for India on 19 February 1918.