Officers and NCOs



Officers and NCOs of the 6th (Inniskilling) Dragoons Service Squadron in January 1915. They are:

Sitting (left to right): Lieutenants Ernest George Matthews, Charles Beauclerk Despard, Staff Sergeant-Major Thomas Henry Waldren (No. UD/52), Major Chauncy Batho Dashwood Strettell, Captain Adrian Hulse, Quartermaster-Sergeant William Ernest Crawford (No. UD/57), Lieutenant Gilbert Howe Moorhead, Lieutenant Thomas Patrick Dunbar Seymour.

Standing (left to right): Sergeants William T. Moffitt (No. UD/15); Abraham; John O'Neill (No. UD/94); Edward W. McKeown (No. UD/203); Johnston; Joseph Moore (No. UD/193); Orr; Edward John Lowry Turner (No. UD/99); McCullagh; William McIlroy (No. UD/87).


This image appeared in the Belfast Evening Telegraph on 28 January 1915. My thanks to Shaun Matthews, grandson of Lieutenant Matthews, for making it available.