Sergeants' Mess, Murlough Camp, 1912


Sergeants 1


Back row (left to right): Sergeants Kennedy, Greer, Graham, James Malcolm Wherry, David Roulston Bates, T.R. Gordon (358), Graham, Hill, Ernest Gilliland (308), Jerrord, William Martin (35), Irwin, Hugh Ashcroft, James McIlroy (51).

Centre row (left to right): RQMS Palethorpe, Sergeants Horace Thompson (282), Campbell, Bailey, Robert James Downey, Ross, Arthur Edwin McMahon (675), SQMS Gowan, Sergeants Thomas Henry Metcalfe, William Lockhart, Robert Alexander Wylie, Charles Delmege Trimble, Andrew Hatrick (307), Milligan.

Front row (left to right): SSM William Moore, SQMS Joseph Chambers, SQMS Beatty, SSM John Whiteside, SSM Thomas Alfred Barns, SSM Robert J. Blakley (4786), RSSM John Edward Pittaway, SSM Thomas Aston, SSM Atkins, Sergeant John Knox (138), SSM Ross, Sergeant Richard Knox (67), Sergeant Sterritt.

Lying down (left to right): Trumpet-Major William A. Sewell (993), Band-Sergeant Howell.


Sergeants 3


Sergeants 2


Image provided courtesy of the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland (Cat. No. D1482/6). The identities of the men is sourced from another copy of the image held at NIH Headquarters in Belfast.