Programme of Drills, 1910





Programme of Drills for C (Enniskillen) Squadron for 1910. The text at the bottom reads:

The above Drills are compulsory and all N.C.O.'s and men will be punctual in attendance. In order to become efficient it will be necessary for each Recruit to attend all the above Drills. A man is not entitled to pay or allowances during Annual Training who fails to put in the proper number of Drills. All Drills will be held in plain clothes except when otherwise ordered. Dress for Annual Course of Musketry, Drab Jacket and Overalls, Slouched Hat and Bandolier. All Non-Commissioned Officers will be expected to drill Squads when called upon to do so.

The Trained Men will attend the first drill in uniform, Drab Jacket, Breeches, Putties, Boots, Spurs, and Drab Peaked Cap.



I am grateful to Bracken Anderson for making these images available.