Victory Concert


In January or early February 1919 the 1st North Irish Horse Regiment held a Victory Concert at Vignacourt in France. The program for the event, which was kept by Private Edward Frank Brooks, is shown here.






The officers and men listed were Major A.E. Phillips, Captain J.C.G. Kirkpatrick, Captain W. Booker, Captain J. Grant, Lieutenant D.O.N. Hodson, Lieutenant H.E.L. Montgomery, Corporal John English (NIH 1071 & 71223), Corporal F Harrison, Corporal Joseph E Stafford (NIH 71681), Private Thomas W Dees (Army Cyclist Corps 10332), Private Bertie William Coote (NIH 81252), Private Alexander Murray (NIH 71749), Private Walter W Jones (NIH 1160 & 71258), Private John DaCosta (NIH 34241), Private Arthur McGookin (NIH 2289 & 71741), Private F Summersgill and Private J Maxwell.


I am very grateful to Debs Stone, grand-daughter of Private Brooks, for permitting me to show these images.