Private Robert Cluney


Robert Cluney was born on 18 March 1900 at 21 Eighth Street, Belfast, the sixth or seventh of eight children of labourer Robert Cluney and his wife Eliza (née Gallagher). At the time of the 1911 Census he was living at 13 Leadbetter Street, Belfast, with his parents and his five surviving siblings. The family later lived at 14 Foreman Street.

Cluney enlisted in the North Irish Horse between 27 June and 30 July 1917 (regimental number between 2609 and 2613 – later Corps of Hussars No.71908). He trained at the regiment's reserve camp at Antrim but did not serve overseas. While at Antrim he was concussed by a kick to the head from a horse.

On 6 March 1918 (or 1919) Cluney was discharged due to "confusional insanity", presumably resulting from the head injury. He was granted a pension, his level of disability assessed at 20 per cent in May 1921.

By 1984 he was living at 20 Lisavon Drive, Belfast. He died on 14 April that year and was buried in the Roselawn Cemetery.