Hon Captain James Randal Beresford Cramsie



James Randal Beresford Cramsie was born on 22 July 1892 at O'Harabrook, Ballymoney, County Antrim, son of landowner and Northumberland Fusiliers Captain James Sinclair Cramsie and his wife Laura Mary Cramsie (nee Butler).

He enlisted in the North Irish Horse on 10 September 1914 (No.1202) and was soon after promoted to sergeant.

On 1 May 1915 he embarked for France with D Squadron. He was soon after promoted to the rank of squadron quartermaster sergeant.

On 20 October 1915 he was commissioned as a 2nd lieutenant (having served in his school's Officer Training Corps), and was posted to the Army Service Corps. He was promoted to lieutenant on 1 July 1917.

The Belfast News-Letter of 23 August 1919 mentioned his name as one of those brought to the attention of the Secretary of State for War for valuable services rendered (see below).

After the war Cramsie was active as a racehorse trainer.

During the Second World War he served as a lieutenant in the Royal Army Service Corps (122319) from 7 March 1940 until he relinquished his commission due to ill-health on 22 July 1943. He was granted the honorary rank of captain.

Cramsie died at his home at The Downs House, Lambourn, Newbury, Berkshire, on 15 February 1962.


His brother, Charles Murray Cramsie, also served during World War 1, as an officer in the North Irish Horse.


Belfast News-Letter, 23 August 1919


Cramsie at a family wedding in 1910


Cramsie with his daughter, Susan, a stewardess with British European Airways, in 1956. She had been badly injured when a bomb exploded during a flight to Paris in 1950. Fortunately she recovered and was able to return to work.


First image from late 1914 shows Sergeant Cramsie with fellow North Irish Horse NCOs. See full image here. Third image (wedding photo) sourced from Ancestry - Jonathan Shillington. Last image sourced from www.alamy.com.