North Irish Horse NCOs



Larne Times and Weekly Telegraph, Saturday December 5, 1914. The text reads: "Non-commissioned officers of the North Irish Horse who are at present stationed at Antrim."

The names reading from left to right are: Front row - Squadron Quartermaster Sergeant Knox, Squadron Quartermaster Sergeant Robert James Downey, Saddler-Sergeant Ramage [98], Farrier-Sergeant William McMichael [1300], Squadron Sergeant Major Francis William Jarrett Scammell, Farrier Quartermaster Sergeant James Mooney, Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant Sidney Jackson, Squadron Sergeant Major Hamilton, Sergeant Trooper Madden, Sergeant Frank Allen Brewer [838]. Middle row - Sergeant Robert Matchett [1276], Sergeant Robert J. Green [1111], Sergeant Thomas Cairns [1044], Sergeant James Randal Beresford Cramsie [1202], Sergeant James Blackburne [1199], Shoeing-Smith Sergeant Thomas Bailie [Bailey], Sergeant Joseph Thompson [1271], Farrier-Sergeant Walter Sheridan [505], Sergeant John Stuart Harrison [1233]. Top row - Corporal S.S. Nixon, Lance Corporal Timmins, Corporal Brunsdon, Corporal Craig, Corporal Harding, Corporal Brennan, Corporal Nesbitt, Corporal Copeland, Corporal Brennan, Lance Corporal Gustaf William Aikerlind.