Private William John Hanlon


The background of this North Irish Horseman is not known at present.

William John Hanlon enlisted in the North Irish Horse between 26 and 28 April 1915 (No.1496 – later Corps of Hussars No.71403). He trained at the regiment's Antrim reserve depot before embarking for France in 1916 or 1917, possibly with E Squadron on 11 January 1916. In May 1916 E Squadron came together with A and D Squadrons to form the 1st North Irish Horse Regiment, serving as corps cavalry to VII, XIX, then V Corps.

On 7 January 1918 Hanlon was one of thirteen members of the 1st NIH Regiment who transferred to the Tank Corps (No.305506). No further information has been located about his service with the Tank Corps through 1918.