Private Charles F. Hogben


The background of this man is not known at present, other than that he was probably from England.

Charles F. Hogben enlisted in the Hussars of the Line prior to the war (No.4602) and was posted to the 3rd (King's Own) Hussars. He embarked for France with his regiment on 10 August 1914.

In September 1917, as part of a general reduction in the size of the cavalry, a number of men of the 3rd Hussars left the regiment. The war diary of 15 September records that:

56 other ranks of the regiment proceeded by rail from Hesdin to the Rouen Base for transfer to Infantry on the reduction of the 100 dismounted men allowed to Cavalry regiments.

Between twenty-eight and thirty-four of these men, including Hogben, were transferred to the North Irish Horse, joining the 1st (NIH) Regiment in the field on 11 October. Hogben was issued regimental number 2724.

In February-March 1918 the regiment, which had been serving as corps cavalry to V Corps, was dismounted and converted to a cyclist unit. This meant a 25 per cent reduction in the regiment's numbers. It is possible that Hogben was one of those transferred out, joining the 3rd (King's Own) Hussars in April. At some point he was issued Corps of Hussars number 45741.

On 19 February 1919 Hogben was demobilised and transferred to Class Z, Army Reserve.