Private John Rice


The background of this North Irish Horseman is not known at present, other than that he lived in Belfast.

John Rice enlisted in the North Irish Horse between 8 and 10 August 1914 (No.970). Just days later, on 20 August, he embarked for France with C Squadron, seeing action on the retreat from Mons and advance to the Aisne.

On 3 November 1915 Rice was discharged. One record states this was due to his having been 'irregularly enlisted' (paragraph 392(ii) King's Regulations), another that it was for misconduct (paragraph 392(xi) King's Regulations).

Rice re-enlisted on 1 September 1916, this time with the Royal Engineers (No.320579). He remained with that regiment throughout the war, and was discharged on 31 March 1920.