Private Donald M Wallace


Donald M Wallace was born at Tullyhona, Florence Court, County Fermanagh, the sixth of fifteen children of farmer Oliver Wallace and his Scottish-born wife Margaret (formerly McFarlane). He and other members of his family may have worked on the estate of Lord Cole.

Wallace enlisted in the North Irish Horse between 10 and 23 November 1908 (No.236 – later Corps of Hussars No.71010). He embarked for France on 17 August 1914, seeing action in the retreat from Mons and advance to the Aisne.

An account of that time by Horseman Willie Acheson throws some light on the relationship between Wallace and his commanding officer:

The first big charge they took part in was at Kemmel Hill using swords. They became hemmed in by Germans. A comrade, Dan Wallace, never called Lord Enniskillen (John Cole) anything but John. ‘You may blow the whistle, John, ’cause we’re cornered here.’ Blow it he had to, and all retreated.

Wallace served with the regiment throughout the war. On 17 February 1919 he was transferred to Class Z, Army Reserve.