Captain Cyril Henry Talbot Wright



Cyril Henry Talbot Wright was born on 18 January 1870 in Peshawar, India, son of Major John Thomas Wright of the Royal Engineers and his wife Hilda Alexandra (nee Talbot).

He was educated at Harrow (1885-88), where he served in the school's Cadet Corps.

Wright (sometimes shown on records as Talbot-Wright) emigrated to South America in 1891, settling in the countryside south of Buenos Aires. He later moved to the city of Cordoba, Argentina, where on 25 January 1899 he married Ines Maria Hughes. Their son, Frederick John, was born on 21 May 1901 and daughter, Hilda Frances, on 24 October 1904.

During the war he returned to England and applied for a commission (stating his year of birth as 1877). On 20 March 1916 he was sent to the No.1 Cavalry Cadet Squadron at Netheravon. He was commissioned as a 2nd lieutenant on 28 July 1916 and posted to the North Irish Horse.

Wright remained at the North Irish Horse regimental reserve at Antrim until 3 April 1917, when he was attached to the Army's Provost Branch and sent to Rouen in France. He was promoted to lieutenant on 28 January 1918.

In December 1917 he was posted to provost duties in Calais, remaining there until December 1918, when he was posted to Tourcoing and made deputy assistant provost marshal with the rank of temporary captain.

Wright then joined the Army of Occupation on the Rhine, serving in administrative roles, with the rank of captain, at the headquarters in Cologne from April 1919 until September 1920. On 30 September 1920 he was demobilised and relinquished his commission.

After the war Wright stayed on in Europe, visiting Argentina and his family briefly in 1925 as part of the retinue of the Prince of Wales during his visit to that country. His subsequent movements are a mystery. A notice in the London Gazette of 12 January 1937 sought his whereabouts, stating that he was "last heard of at 17 Passage II, Hohestrasse, Cologne, Germany, believed to have gone to South America." However as shown in the article below, he had died at Worthing Hospital in April 1935.


Worthing Herald, 6 April 1935


The photo above, from Harrow School Photographs Of Pupils & Masters 1869-1925, is sourced from Find My Past. Some of the information about Wright's family background was kindly provided by Jimmy Bindon, Wright's great-nephew.