North Irish Horsemen

Shown below are some of the officer and men who served in the North Irish Horse during the Great War.

Served as officers in the North Irish Horse

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Brigadier-General A.A.C. Cooper, Earl of Shaftesbury
Hon. Colonel J. Hamilton, Duke of Abercorn
Lieut-Colonel R.A. West
Lieut-Colonel John Henry Michael Cole
Lieut-Colonel Neil Graham Stewart-Richardson


Lieut-Colonel Ronald Deane Ross
Lieut-Colonel R.G.O. Bramston-Newman
Lieut-Colonel Robert David Perceval-Maxwell
Lieut-Colonel Eustace Addison Maude
Lieut-Colonel Viscount Massereene


Lieut-Colonel A.K Maxwell, Lord Farnham
Major Holt Waring
Major David Alfred William Ker
Major (Brevet Lieut-Col.) Harry Arthur Clifton
Major Auston Morgan Rotheram


Major J.A.E. Hamilton, Duke of Abercorn
Major Robert William Hugh O'Neill
Major Emerson Crawford Herdman
Major Valentine George Whitla
Major John Reid Smiley


Major John Grant
Major Thomas William Gillilan Johnson Hughes
Captain James Robert Bargrave Armstrong
Captain Anthony Fritz Maude
Captain Charles Cockburn D'Arcy Irvine



Captain Robert Soame Jocelyn, 8th Earl of Roden
Captain and Adjutant Thomas Aston
Captain and Quartermaster John E. Pittaway
Captain George W Vesey
Captain J.C.G. Kirkpatrick



Captain Robert Livsey Yates
Veterinary Captain Joseph May Magill
Captain Richard Reginald Smart
Captain R.A.B. Henry
Captain Thomas Henry Mowbray Leader


Captain Worship Booker
Captain Eustace King-King
Captain Charles Norman
Captain A.E.S. Mulholland
Captain Sir Evelyn De La Rue



Captain Clotworthy Warren Murland
Captain Arthur Noel Vernon Hill-Lowe
Captain Forster Green Uprichard
Captain Thomas Henry Sherlock
Captain John Valentine Adair



Captain Cyril Henry Talbot Wright
Lieutenant Leslie Ion Stuart
Lieutenant Donald O'Neill Hodson
Lieutenant Gilbert Hutton Grigg
Lieutenant Benjamin Johnston
Lieutenant Charles Albert John Oecken
Lieutenant L.C. Wise
Lieutenant James Graham Adam
Lieutenant S.B. Combe
Lieutenant Philip Forsyth-Forrest
Lieutenant Bryant Charles Hamilton
Lieutenant John Hutton Grigg
Lieutenant J.R. Dennistoun
Lieutenant John Frederick Alexander Craig
Lieutenant T.J.E. Forde
Lieutenant Robert James Downey
Lieutenant Norman ffolliott Darling
Lieutenant Thomas Fitzpatrick Cooke
Lieutenant Edward Arthur Atkinson
Lieutenant and Quatermaster T. A. Barns
Lieutenant James Bailey Young
Lieutenant George Bramato Brown
Lieutenant Richard Randall Webb
Lieutenant James Malcolm Wherry
Lieutenant Harold Plumer Kellock
Lieutenant Charles Murray Cramsie
Lieutenant Richard Berry Kellock
Lieutenant Richard Arthur Grove Annesley
Lieutenant William Bates Smyth
Quartermaster and Hon Lieut Wolley J Field
2nd Lieutenant Frederick William Conyngham
2nd Lieutenant Folliott Warren Barton
2nd Lieutenant William Porter Archdale
Hon Chaplain Walter Auchinleck Stack
Surgeon-Major Edward Charles Thompson




Commissioned from the ranks of the North Irish Horse and posted to other regiments

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Major Thomas Hay Ritchie Browne
Captain Robert Sterling
Captain Ernest George Matthews
Captain David McCausland
Hon Captain James Randal Beresford Cramsie
Captain Sir Walter Alexander Edmenson
Captain Frederick Rutherford Skillen
Captain Edwin Sinton
Lieutenant David Roulston Bates
Lieutenant Charles Vesey Purdon
Lieutenant and Quartermaster F.W.J. Scammell
Lieutenant Robert C. Russell
Lieutenant Alexander Dundee
Lieutenant Arthur Ferguson Ingram
Lieutenant Robert James Herron
Lieutenant Charles Delmege Trimble
Lieutenant J.A. MacLean
Lieutenant J.K.M. Greer
Lieutenant Raymond Green
Lieutenant Robert Arthur Arland Macready
Lieutenant William Shields
Lieutenant Herbert John Blythe
Lieutenant Gustaf Akerlind
Lieutenant Richard Knox
Lieutenant John Knox
Lieutenant John McKinstry
Lieutenant James Blackburne
2nd Lieutenant Harold P. Nixon
2nd Lieutenant R.H. Andrews
2nd Lieutenant Samuel Linden
2nd Lieutenant John Knox
2nd Lieutenant Walter Gamble Hamilton
2nd Lieutenant E.M. Meredith
2nd Lieutenant William A.M. Buchanan
2nd Lieutenant John Allen French
2nd Lieutenant William Gill Lindsay
2nd Lieutenant R.J. McCullough
2nd Lieutenant David Miller
2nd Lieutenant F.J.E McFarland
2nd Lieutenant John Sydney Copeland
2nd Lieutenant Henry James Armstrong
2nd Lieutenant Archibald McSparron
2nd Lieutenant Samuel Fulton McCreary
2nd Lieutenant T.J. Savage
2nd Lieutenant R.N. Anderson
2nd Lieutenant George Farley
2nd Lieutenant William Moore
2nd Lieutenant Norman Reay
2nd Lieutenant Frederick Hill Liken
2nd Lieutenant William Lyttle Harcourt
2nd Lieutenant Samuel Simpson Hunter
2nd Lieutenant James Tennent Smith
2nd Lieut Archibald Moore
2nd Lieutenant J.S.K. Hunter
2nd Lieutenant James Denny
2nd Lieut Robert Victor Lyons



Other ranks

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CQMS Francis Joseph McMahon
Sergeant Richard Irwin
Lance Corporal William Leckey
Sergeant William Lockhart
Corporal Thomas McCormick


Lance Corporal Honer and Private Brennan
Private John Smyth
Private Hamilton (Hammie) Stewart
Private John Gillespie
Private William Holmes



Private James Wilson
Private Charles Magill
Private Clement Douglas Turner
Private Sampson Trotter
Private Victor Nelson Bell
Private John Edward Riddell
Shoeing Smith Corporal Thomas Bailey
Private Alexander Blair
Private James Magill
Private William Thomson
Private William James Finlay
Private David Hunter Bond
Private Thomas Wright
Private John Nesbitt Kerr
Private Thomas McCready Ross



Corporal William Stevenson
Private William Andrew Bamford
Sergeant John Montford
Corporal Robert Kinnear
Private William Blakes
Private Charles Bell
Lance Corporal S.L. Turner
Corporal John Wright
Private Samuel Cosgrove
Private Emmanuel (Mandey) Berwitz
Private Francis Colquhoun
Private William Watt
Private Cecil Brewer
Private William Acheson
Private George Stewart



Lance Corporal William Alexander Kelly
Lance Corporal William J. Hutchinson
Private Robert Watson
Farrier Sergeant Alexander Kennedy
Corporal R. Storey



Corporal Edward Deane
Corporal Frederick J. Lindsay
Private James Nesbitt
Private Stewart Harris Moir
Private Albert Garnett


Private Samuel Black
Private William McStay
Private Joseph Close
Private Reginald Armstrong
Private Cyril A Morrison



Warrant Officer William Loughran
Corporal Thomas Foster
Private Robert Jamison
Signaller A. McKenzie
Private Alexander McLellan



Private Robert T. Birnie
Corporal James Leyburn
Private Nathaniel Harvey
Private Joseph Gibson
Private Thomas Angus



Private Clarence Wilson
Corporal Albert Edward Brunsdon
Private David Law
Private Robert Thomson
Private James Smiton



Private George M. Shannon
Private Thomas Foreman
Private James McKee
Private Henry Simms
Private William Joseph Petty



Sergeant Thomas Jamison
Corporal W. Scott
Private George McLorn
Lance Corporal David Connolly
Private Clifford B.C. Arnold



Private Charles R. Woodside
Private Thomas David Bratty
Private George Gill
Private James Majury
Private George McFadden



Private George Harris
Private John Adair
Corporal Joseph Smith Bailey
Sergeant William Browne
Private Samuel Reid



Corporal James Cunning
Private Alfred Ernest Karr
RSM William Alderton Sewell
Private Robert Ross
Private Charles Elder



Private James Sleator
Sapper Robert William Nesbitt
Private Alexander Martin
Private Matthew Haggan
Lance Sgt George Adams Henry


Private Thomas A. McReynolds
Private James Rainey
Private Jack Mitchell
Private Matthew Jackson
Private Maurice G Wheelhouse



SQMS William Stewart Smyth
Private Robert Averell
Private Johnston Kyle
Private J.A. Laughlin
Private David Toomath



Private William Maxted Coltart
Lance Corporal Fred Scanlon
Private William Joseph Matchett
Lance Corporal Victor Ronaldson
Sergeant W. Walker



Private James Kelly
Sergeant Robert A. Wylie
Lance Corporal Hugh Flanagan
Private George Uriah Johnston
Private Robert Park



Lance Corporal Samuel Houston
Private William Millikin
Sergeant Thomas Pyper
Private John Alexander Ross
Lance Corporal James H Alexander



Private William Harris Boyd
Lance Corporal Herbert Eakin
Private Robert Bagshaw
Private Albert Brice Galway
Private John Andrew McNutt



Corporal William Percival Cowan
Lance Corporal John Thomas Lockhart
Private Joseph Aloysius McSweeney
Private Cyril William Taylor
Private James Adair



Private William Beattie
Private Herbert Brennan
Corporal Edmond Buchanan
Lance Corporal William Govan
Private William F. Timbey
Private Robert G.D. Montgomery
Rifleman Ernest A. Stevenson
Private Hubert McManus
Private Hugh Higgins
Private George T. Murray
Private Thomas Lyons
Sergeant James Coburn
Private Harry Mercer
Private Michael John McGuigan
Private Horace Sewell
Private Alfred Raymond Vaughan
Private Henry Francis Murphy
Private Herbert McKimmon
Private William James Hughan
Lance Corporal Isaac McDowell



Private Thomas Francis Owens
Private Frederick McConnell
Private John McFetridge
Corporal Albert Victor Dunseith
Private William McCarley


Lance Corporal James Davis
Warrant Officer Humphrey Boyd
Private John Quee Graham
Sergeant Andrew Colquhoun
Private John Berry



Private Herbert Alexander Jones
Lance Corporal Thomas Mooney
Farrier David Kelly
Private William Mills
Lance Corporal Robert Dundee
Lance Corporal Albert Dundee
Private James Lynn
Private George Dodds
Private William Lipsett
Rifleman John Balfour
Lance Corporal Arthur McMahon
Private Albert Aiken
Private Robert Johnston
Private Henry Booth
Private William Brian Simonton


Private John Beggie
Private John Scott 
Rifleman Thomas Hall
Corporal Brennan
Trumpeter Thomas Owen McVeigh



Sergeant John James Foster
Corporal John Leyburn
Rifleman Thomas McKillop
Private William J. McAuley
Private George Alexander Brown


Sergeant Reuben B Dickson
FQMS James Mooney
Corporal George Carse Marsden
Private Gordon Richardson
Private Thomas James Marshall


Private William Thomas Roulston
Private Samuel Burnside
Private Jack Warnock
Shoeing Smith Robert Lowry
Private Joseph McIntyre Macauley


Warrant Officer Robert Matchett
Corporal David George Armstrong
Rifleman Edward Lennox
Private Thomas Clarke
Private Robert Beckett
Private William John Richmond
Private Wilson Donaghy
Private Albert Richard Ryan
Sergeant David Hanley
Sergeant Hugh Ashcroft



Private Richard Kelly
Private William Rooney
Corporal Robert James Hassard
Corporal John Heenan
Sergeant William Kirkpatrick


Private Thomas Watson
Shoeing Smith William J. Knox
Sergeant John Adams
Private Frederick Knox
Warrant Officer John Whiteside


SQMS Joseph Chambers
Warrant Officer Sidney Jackson
Sergeant Thomas Henry Metcalfe
Lance Corporal William McCalmont
Sergeant Robert Cooke Blair


Private David McCormick
Warrant Officer Francis R Harding
Lance Corporal William O'Prey
Corporal William Hanna Adams
Private William (or Matthew) Woods


Private Edward Frank Brooks
Sergeant Richard Stewart
Warrant Officer Sydney Brunsdon
Sergeant Horace Thompson
Corporal Francis George Kidd


Private William Samuel Hamilton
Corporal Robert Cromie Stewart
Sergeant John Cromie Patterson Stewart
Sergeant William Martin
Private Frederick Carlisle


Colour Sergeant James Alexander McIlroy
Saddler Sergeant George Charles Ramage
Private William Anderson
Lance Corporal James Alexander Dickson
Sergeant Robert Irwin


Private Frederick St G. Cooke
Private Isaac Walker
Lance Corporal Robert Armstrong
Private John D. King
Sergeant John Alexander McMaster


Private George Galbraith
RQMS Samuel Fawcett
Lance Corporal George Joseph Carberry
Private Houston Graham
SSM Frederick James Emby
Sergeant Andrew Ellison Hatrick
Farrier Sergeant Ernest Gilliland




Other ranks - unidentified

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Group photographs

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F Squadron
"Chums at the front"
Recruits, 1914
NCOs, 1914


Watering the horses
No.2 Troop, Antrim
Signallers, 1916
Belfast group, 1915
"On guard in France"
E Squadron in France
D Squadron Sergeants, 1915
"Belfast chums"
NCOs in France, 1917
Wounded North Irish Horsemen
"A camp fire in Belgium"
R. Corry and Thomas Wilton in Egypt
Antrim, 1915
H Squadron
Annual dance, 1917
A Squadron NCOs in France, 1914


On exercises at Antrim 1915
On manoeuvres