Roll call


Officers at Antrim

24 June 1916

The list below, sourced from the National Archives at Kew, shows the North Irish Horse officers serving at the regimental headquarters and reserve at Antrim on 24 June 1916. The reserve comprised three squadrons - B (which in fact had recently been renamed 'F'), G and H. 


Maude Eustace Addison Lieutenant Colonel 5 August 1914 Commanding Regiment
Herdman Emerson Crawford Major 4 November 1915 Squadron Leader, B Squadron
Stewart-Richardson Neil Graham Major 4 January 1915 Squadron Leader, H Squadron
Crabbe Arthur Bingham Major 22 January 1916 Squadron Leader, G Squadron
King-King Eustace Captain 9 July 1915 From Expeditionary Force, sick leave to 2 July 1916
Yates Robert Livsey Captain 8 May 1916 Sick leave
Jocelyn Viscount Robert Soame (Earl of Roden) Captain 8 February 1915 Sick leave
Wise Lancelot Charles Lieutenant 1 July 1915 Sick leave
Booker Worship Lieutenant 14 November 1915 Duty, Depot Squadron
Beresford Ernest Philip Lieutenant 13 September 1915 Duty, B Squadron
Stuart Leslie Ion 2nd Lieutenant 22 November 1915 Duty, H Squadron
Brown George Bramato 2nd Lieutenant 22 November 1915 Duty, H Squadron
Noyce Arthur Penrhyn 2nd Lieutenant 23 November 1915 Duty, G Squadron
Smyth William Bates 2nd Lieutenant 6 December 1915 Duty, H Squadron
Cramsie Charles Murray 2nd Lieutenant 9 December 1915 Duty, G Squadron
Elliot Herbert Gavin 2nd Lieutenant 4 January 1916 Duty, B Squadron
Glyn John Paul 2nd Lieutenant 15 January 1916 Duty, G Squadron
Harvey Bernard Shaw 2nd Lieutenant 15 January 1916 Duty, H Squadron
Bremner Stewart Bruce Macduff 2nd Lieutenant 10 January 1916 Duty, B Squadron
Aston Thomas Lieutenant 14 September 1915 Adjutant
Pittaway John Edward Lieutenant 5 August 1914 Quartermaster