North Irish Horse identity disc



The identity disc worn by North Irish Horseman James McKee, showing his unit, name, religion and service number. 

These discs, made of vulcanized asbestos fibre, were introduced in August 1914 (replacing the earlier single disc of lightweight metal). A second green coloured disc was added in 1916. Army Order 287/1916 of 24 August 1916 reads:

Identity Discs.- In future each officer and soldier will be supplied with two identity discs which will be worn as shown in the diagram below:-

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The upper disc will be known as "Disc, identity, No. 1, green"; the lower one as "Disc, No. 2, red."

"Disc, identity, No. 1, green," will be issued with six inches of cord attached. In the case of troops now serving it will, after it is marked, be substituted for the red disc now in possession. The red disc will then be fastened to the green one by the string attached to the latter.

I am grateful to David Hawthorne from Lisburn, Northern Ireland, for agreeing that I reproduce this image of his grandfather James McKee's identity disc. See more images of James McKee here.