Documents, medals and other objects


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Private Henry Newell medal trio
Lieutenant John Stuart Harrison War Medal
Rifleman Cyril Aubrey Morrison group
George McLorn medal pair
Private John Lister McKenzie Victory Medal
Private Neish Victory Medal
George Stewart group
Private Brereton 1914-18 War Medal
Francis McMahon Victory Medal
Private Ernest Payne medal pair
Sergeant William Hall medal pair
Lance Corporal Thomas Welton medals
Sergeant George Nesbitt Military Medal
Private John McKergan medal trio and papers
Dead man's penny
North Irish Horse sweetheart pins
Silver and gold pins
Diamond brooch
Officer's riding whip
Regimental drum


Old Comrades Dinner
NIIY Service Certificate
Service Certificate, William Buchanan
Playing card
North Irish Horse silk postcards
Officer's cigarette box
Trench art - boots
Silk postcard
'Holding their own' postcard
Moss Bros, An Illustrated Army List


Recruiting poster
King's Certificate of Discharge
Postcard from Private MacDonald
Postcard from the Curragh
Victory Concert
Letter opener trench art
Christmas card
Dining set
Medical armband
Trench map
Silver pencil holder - musketry prize
Condiment set
Cap badge die
Two North Irish Horse bugles
Trench art
North Irish Horse SMLE
Decorated Brodie helmet
Old Comrades pin
Cigarette lighter
Jewelled pin
Table runner
Newry's Roll of Honour
Regimental Christmas cards
Programme of Drills, 1910
Smoker's set
Honour Roll
Discharge papers
NIIY regimental call
Questions & Answers booklet