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Loos Memorial


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Loos Memorial, Pas de Calais, France, forms the side and back of Dud Corner Cemetery, and commemorates over 20,000 officers and men who have no known grave, who fell in the area from the River Lys to the old southern boundary of the First Army, east and west of Grenay. Dud Corner Cemetery stands almost on the site of a German strong point, the Lens Road Redoubt, captured by the 15th (Scottish) Division on the first day of the battle. On either side of the cemetery is a wall 15 feet high, to which are fixed tablets on which are carved the names of those commemorated. At the back are four small circular courts, open to the sky, in which the lines of tablets are continued, and between these courts are three semicircular walls or apses, two of which carry tablets, while on the centre apse is erected the Cross of Sacrifice.

One man of the North Irish Horse, Private W. J. Donnelly, is commemorated here. The location of his name on the memorial is shown on the CWGC memorial plan below.




Loos 3


Information and memorial plan sourced from Commonwealth War Graves Commission www.cwgc.org. Image 1 kindly provided by Pieter van Elteren from his traces of a war website http://www.peterswar.net. Images 2 and 3 kindly provided by Steve Rogers, Project Co-ordinator of the The War Graves Photographic Project, www.twgpp.org.