Private Daniel Maddox


Daniel Maddox was born (as Daniel Cullen) in Butchers Lane, Waterford, on 16 May 1898, the son of Mary Ellen Cullen. Seven weeks later his mother married labourer Martin Maddox (or Maddix). At the time of the 1901 Census he was living in Butchers Lane with his mother (recorded as a widow) and his brother Walter. Ten years later the brothers were living at 3 New Lane, Waterford, with their uncle John Maddox, an unemployed quarryman, his wife and their two children.

Maddox enlisted in the North Irish Horse at Waterford on 12 March 1917 (regimental number between 2567 and 2605 – later Corps of Hussars No.71904). He was described as being 5' 4¾" tall with a fresh complexion, fair hair and blue eyes. He stated that he was aged 19, was born at 'Ballybrocken', and worked as a labourer.

He trained at the regiment's reserve base at Antrim, but was reported to have deserted on 12 January 1918. Whether he subsequently returned to duty is not known at present.


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