Lieutenant Hugh Edmund Langton Montgomery, MC


Hugh Edmund Langton Montgomery was born on 30 October 1895 at Blessingbourne, Fivemiletown, County Tyrone, son of Royal Artillery officer (later Major-General, CB, CMG) Hugh Maude de Fellenberg Montgomery and his wife Mary Langton Montgomery (nee Massingberd).

He was educated at Winchester College, where he served in the Officer Training Corps. On the outbreak of war he was an undergraduate student at Christ Church, Oxford and an officer cadet in the Oxford OTC.

On 21 July 1915 Montgomery was commissioned as a 2nd lieutenant in the 4th Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment. On 14 December he transferred to the North Irish Horse and was posted to the 1st Regiment, joining it in the field at Humbercourt. From 29 December to 19 January he attended a course of instruction at the 2nd Cavalry Division School.

On 1 July 1917 Montgomery was promoted to lieutenant (with seniority later antedated to 10 May 1916).

Montgomery commanded D Squadron of the North Irish Horse (Cyclist Regiment) as acting captain from 16 July to 29 August 1918. From 21 September to 7 October 1918 he attended a course at V Corps Lewis-gun School. This was during the period of the Advance to Victory Offensive, in which the North Irish Horse played an active role. The regimental war diary makes a number of references to Montgomery, most significantly during the night of 8 October, when D Squadron patrols under 2nd Lieutenant Austin and Lieutenant Montgomery scouted thousands of yards ahead of the front line, to Wallincourt, Selvigny and Caullery, and were able to report that the Germans had abandoned their positions.

Montgomery was later awarded a Military Cross for his gallantry during this offensive.

He was demobilised on 9 January 1919 and relinquished his commission on 19 March 1920.

After the war he joined the Diplomatic Service. He was made Third Secretary on 13 July 1922, Second Secretary on 1 July 1925, and First Secretary on 11 February 1934.

Lieutenant Montgomery died in England on 24 June 1971.


Montgomery's uncle, Walter Ashley Montgomery, also served as an officer in the North Irish Horse.