Roll call




Some 439 North Irish Horsemen - 19 officer and 420 other ranks - embarked for overseas, mainly for France, in 1915.

indicates that the man was a casualty of the Great War.

Note: The rank shown against the names of 'other ranks' is the highest achieved whilst with the North Irish Horse, not the rank they held when they embarked.


20 January - reinforcement draft of one officer and 33 other ranks to France

Armstrong James Robert Bargrave 2nd Lieutenant
Other ranks
Kennedy Andrew Dane Private
Hatrick Andrew Ellison Sergeant
Copeland William Private
Sheridan Walter Cooper Farrier-Sergeant 505
McCausland John Private 513
Ritchie David William Private 754
Cole Samuel Sergeant 843
Shaw Herbert (Bertie) Private 903
Kelly Adam Gordon Private 923
Moir David Watson Private 1041
Berwitz Emmanuel Private 1050
Dougall Robert James Lance Corporal 1070
Stewart Samuel Alexander Private 1082
Nesbitt James Robert Bruce Private 1089
Griffin Robert Alexander Private 1099
Blakes William Private 1128
Heathwood Robert Private 1135
Nesbitt James Private 1145
Acheson Bertie Private 1148
Caskey Thomas Corporal 1149
McClements Samuel Sergeant  1150
Roulston William Thomas Private 1153
Bell Victor Nelson Private 1154
McDowell William Frederick Private 1164
McFadden George Sergeant 1170
Green Raymond Lance Corporal 1178
Henderson Thomas Private 1179
Crawford John Private 1185
Wilson David Private 1188
Mitchell Robert Alexander  Private 1194
Ruscoe Alfred Corporal 1216
Mason Norman Graham Private 1217
Smith William John Private 1258


9 February - reinforcement draft of one officer and 18 other ranks to France

Pittaway John Edward Quartermaster and Hon Lieutenant
Other ranks
Watkins Robert Private 561
Bates David Roulston Sergeant 743
Adams  David  Private 789
Johnston Thomas Private 791
McClean Robert Private 818
Heaslip William Private 872
Heaslip Richard Private 873
Clendinning William Henry Sergeant 916
Moore Robert Wilson Private 939
Kyle Hugh Alexander Johnston Private 942
Rollins Thomas Henry Private 984
Barnes Charles Private 1134
Cowan William Private 1159
Alexander Samuel Sergeant 1195
Allen James Private 1259
Mitchell Arthur Cree Sergeant 1305
Smith William Private 1327
Davin Frederick George Private 1350


15 March - one officer to France

Maude Eustace Anthony Whaley Lieutenant


4 April - one officer to France

Uprichard Forster Green Lieutenant


13 April - two other ranks to France

Evans Robert Private 673
Blair John Private 1078


28 April - reinforcement draft of one officer and 20 other ranks to France

Montgomery Walter Ashley 2nd Lieutenant
Other ranks
Kelly William James Sergeant 1011
Duncan Joseph Private 1033
Roberts George Private 1077
Harpur Thompson Private 1084
Black Samuel Private 1095
Nelson John Private 1151
Jack Gilbert Private 1152
French John Allen Corporal 1231
Murrell Stanley Private 1238
Williamson John Henry Private 1243
Wren George Alexander Private 1244
Brunsdon Albert Edward Lance Corporal 1252
Hanna Thomas Private 1253
Johnstone John Private 1263
Orr William Private 1274
Cramp Richard Latham Squadron Quartermaster-Sergeant 1282
McAuley Edward Charles Private 1285
Gordon Samuel Laird Private 1288
Sloan Gerald Private 1291
McLoughlin James Private 1331


1 May - D Squadron (6 officers and 140 other ranks) to France

D Squadron left the North Irish Horse reserve camp at Antrim for England in December 1914. After training at Cople, Bedford, the squadron was attached as divisional cavalry to the 51st Division and on 1 May 1915 embarked from Southampton for Le Havre on board the SS Anglo-Canadian and SS Empress Queen.

Hamilton-Russell Arthur Major
Waring Holt Major
Adair John Valentine 2nd Lieutenant
Kirkpatrick James Cunningham Gordon 2nd Lieutenant
Murland Warren 2nd Lieutenant
Wise Lancelot Charles 2nd Lieutenant
Other ranks
Downey Robert James Sergeant
Stewart Richard Sergeant
Middleby Robert James Private
Nixon Hugh Copeland Farrier Quartermaster Sergeant
Foster Thomas Private 717
Crozier William Robert Henry Private 756
Robinson Samuel Private 850
Carson Alexander Private 888
Pittaway John Edward Lance Corporal 934
Willis Harry Private 957
Connar James Roy Lindsay Private 965
Forward William Charles Private 969
Woodburn William Private 979
McElhinney Charles Private 983
Moss Andrew Private 987
Watt William Private 1001
McVeigh Michael Dominick Private 1013
Moore Thomas Herbert  Lance Corporal 1019
Gray Henry Private 1024
Pyper Charles Bothwell Sergeant 1027
Rowe Albert Private 1029
Harvey Nathaniel Private 1032
Doak Samuel Private 1035
Loughran William Clements Warrant Officer Class 2 1036
Jones Terence Clement Corporal 1037
Brunsdon Alfred John (Jack) Lance Corporal 1040
Frew Arthur Jones Sergeant 1042
Cairns Thomas James Sergeant 1044
Hunter Joseph Private 1045
Stewart James Noel Greer Corporal 1048
Napier Henry Private 1051
Ferris James Sergeant 1052
Craig William John Private 1057
Withers William Glenny Andrews Corporal 1059
Gordon William Private 1060
Crawford James Private 1061
McKee John Acting Corporal 1062
McDowell William John Corporal 1064
Chambers Thomas Private 1065
Hughes Albert Lance Corporal 1067
Mitchell Alexander Gordon Corporal 1068
Kennedy Francis Private 1069
English John Corporal 1071
Lyttle Edward Lance Corporal 1072
White Benoni Richard Private 1074
Nixon Harold Percival Lance Corporal 1075
Akerlind Gustaf William Lance Corporal 1079
Fraser Robert Kane Sergeant 1080
Logan Henry Langford Corporal 1081
Smith Robert Private 1086
Ladley William Percy Private 1087
Adamson William Private 1088
Hutton James Weatherall Private 1090
Connar Henry Percy Private 1091
Grey John Sergeant 1092
Higgins John Private 1093
Hogg John Private 1098
Murphy John S Private 1100
Patterson James Lance Corporal 1102
Marsden George Carse Corporal 1105
Briggs George Private 1113
Best Francis James Private 1115
Gracey John Shoeing Smith 1116
Hungerford Charles Private 1117
Hewitt Edward Sergeant 1118
Mallon Matthew Joseph Private 1119
Noble Thomas Corporal 1120
Nugent Richard Sergeant 1121
Pierson Robert Private 1122
Ross Isaac Private 1123
Reavie Wilfred Lawrence Stewart Sergeant 1124
Ussher Charles Butler Private 1127
McKergan John Private 1130
Macready Robert Arthur Arland Private 1131
Moore Archibald Lance Corporal 1132
Harcourt William Lyttle Corporal 1136
Dundee Alexander Sergeant 1137
Dundee Robert Lance Corporal 1138
Dundee Albert Lance Corporal 1139
Henry James Private 1141
McClelland Alfred Lance Corporal 1143
Hill Robert Henry Lance Corporal 1157
Cleland William James Lance Corporal 1158
Jones Walter W. Private 1160
Jordan Thomas William   Private 1161
Lowry Ezekiel Corporal 1162
Oakman Thomas George Private 1166
Quinn William H Private 1167
Sloan Wilfred   Private 1168
Storey Robert Private 1169
Laird Archibald   Private 1173
Skelton Samuel   Private 1175
Govan William Private 1176
Kelly George Private 1180
Patton George Private 1182
Harcourt Samuel James Private 1183
McGhie William James Edward Private 1189
Long Samuel Private 1190
Close George Joseph Private 1191
Blackburne James Squadron Quartermaster Sergeant 1199
Buick Joseph Private 1201
Cramsie James Randal Beresford Squadron Quartermaster Sergeant 1202
McMurray William Sergeant 1203
Anderson Robert Noel Corporal 1204
Maguire William Sergeant 1205
Mells Frank Albert Warrant Officer Class 2 1206
McGivern George Private 1208
Gibson William James Lance Sergeant 1209
Warne Sidney Herbert Corporal 1210
Warne Ernest William Lance Corporal 1211
Knox William Private 1212
Milligan George Private 1218
Lockhart John Thomas Lance Corporal 1219
Bell Joshua Private 1222
Carson James Private 1228
Hassard Robert James Saddler/ Corporal 1234
Miskimmin Cecil Private 1237
Reay Norman Lance Corporal 1240
Reains Henry Private 1241
Stevenson Samuel Brown Private 1242
White William Frederick Blackwood Private 1245
McMillan Neil Private 1246
Robinson Johnston Private 1247
Robinson Joseph Sergeant 1248
Price Henry Private 1254
Stuart John Kerr Private 1257
Dumigan John Corporal 1275
Slater Thomas Charles Francis Private 1279
Alexander James Harold Private 1281
Murray William Shoeing Smith 1290
McMichael William James Farrier Sergeant 1300
Nugent Thomas Augustus Davidson Private 1306
Alexander John Private 1310
Davey Allen Private 1312
Robinson Samuel John Private 1316
Commerford Daniel Private 1324
McMurray Thomas Private 1336
Traill Alexander Frederick Private 1338
Cullen Frederick Private 1353
Gray Samuel Corporal 1432


4 May - three other ranks to France

It is possible that these men in fact embarked for France with D Squadron (above).

Morrison Cyril Aubrey Private 1028
Allen William James Private 1112
Millar Samuel Private 1133


8 May - one other rank to France

It is possible that this man in fact embarked for France with D Squadron (above).

Ramsey James Corporal 1046


2 June - reinforcement draft of 22 other ranks to France

McCartney * Walter James * Sergeant 564
Mercer David Private 1007
Godfrey Adam Private 1096
Clements James Private 1107
Henry Marquis Private 1108
Beck John Private 1114
Kennedy Thomas Private 1155
Warke William Edwin Private 1156
Long George Private 1193
Torrens James Private 1197
Fenton Robert Hudson Private 1213
Boyd William John Private 1224
Boyd Clifford Russell Private 1227
Craig Henry Ernest Sergeant 1229
McGirr William Private 1235
Moyse Horace Kenneth Private 1236
Montgomery Sydney W. Lance Corporal 1239
Magee Edmund Sproule Private 1265
McManus Hubert Private 1267
Murrow John Stuart Corporal 1268
Kirk  Stanley McClure Lance Corporal 1349
Jones Robert C Private 1404

* Note: McCartney had previously gone to France in early August 1914.


15 July - one officer and one other rank to France

Henry Richard Alexander Baillie Lieutenant
Other rank
Sewell John Private 1315


27 July to 20 August - 23 other ranks to Gallipoli attached to the 54th Division as Military Mounted Police

O'Neill John Elliott Sergeant 1054
Sloan George Sergeant 1177
Corry Robert James Corporal 1230
Copeland John Sidney Sergeant 1273
McMurray Samuel Private 1289
Gibson Samuel Sergeant 1299
Burrows J Private 1317
Hall James William Lance Corporal 1318
McHugh William George Sergeant 1335
Burnett Robert Private 1358
Larmour Alexander Private 1363
McKillen Samuel Lonsdale Lance Corporal 1375
McClinton John Harris Lance Corporal 1383
Clark  Charles Warwick Sergeant 1388
Boston John Private 1393
McQuoid Benjamin Private 1398
Murdie Bernard Alexander Johnston Blackburn Private 1413
McConnell William Robert Private 1414
Johnson Edward Private 1417
Coulter James Samuel Private 1419
Green Walter Private 1421
Phayre William Henry Beaconsfield Sergeant 1471
Welton Thomas Private 1494


24 August - one other rank to France

Carlisle Frederick Ernest Private 1255


7 September - one officer and one other rank to France

Sherston Thomas Peter Davis Lieutenant
Other rank
Sheridan Thomas Henry Private 1405


22 September - reinforcement draft of 25 other ranks to France

Kyle John Private 919
Phillips Samuel Private 1025
Rainey Samuel Sergeant  1337
Russell James Corporal 1343
Ross Harrison Lance Corporal 1367
Ferguson William Victor Private 1448
Petticrew David John Private 1463
Chestnut Alexander Private/ O.R.C. 1473
Campbell Alexander Corporal 1475
Campbell Sidney Ernest Private 1477
Denny James Lance Corporal 1479
Hagan Matthew Private 1480
Sands David Private 1482
Davidson Walter Private 1485
Biggart Robert Private 1487
Kerr Hugh Private 1491
Hughes Leslie Private 1493
McConnell Hamilton Private 1495
Johnston William James Corporal 1497
Daniels Richard Switzer Corporal 1498
Clarke John Alexander Private 1501
Gardiner Fred Private 1502
Cowell John William Richardson Private 1554
Wallace Richard Alexander Private 1697
Johnston John Private 1698


3 October - two other ranks to France, attached to 36th (Ulster) Division officers

Duff William G. Lance Corporal 1140
Pepper Conolly James Private 1724


9 November - one officer to France

Smart Richard Reginald 2nd Lieutenant


17 November - F Squadron (5 officers and 128 other ranks) to France

F Squadron left the North Irish Horse reserve camp at Antrim for England in May 1915. After training at Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, the squadron was attached as divisional cavalry to the 33rd Division and on 17 November 1915 embarked from Southampton for Le Havre on board the SS Western Miller.

Bramston-Newman Richard Griffith Oliver Major
Leader Thomas Henry Mowbray Lieutenant
Hill-Lowe Arthur Noel Vernon 2nd Lieutenant
Vesey George Waller 2nd Lieutenant
Dennistoun James Robert 2nd Lieutenant
Other ranks
Wilkinson Hugh Staff Sergeant
Knox Richard Sergeant
McIldoon George Private 631
Craig John Frederick Alexander Sergeant 654
Taylor Samuel William Sergeant 670
Montgomery Thomas Private 672
Harding Francis Raymond Squadron Sergeant Major 802
Martin William Private 814
Mathers Thomas Sergeant 946
Cotter Maurice Edward Private 964
Russell John Park Saddler Corporal 1014
Crossan Patrick Private 1026
Brown Robert Ernest Lance Corporal 1055
Walker James Alexander Corporal 1083
Smith Samuel Private 1104
Nixon James Sergeant 1165
Brunsdon Sydney Sergeant 1223
Brennan Alexander Doveton John Sergeant 1226
Shaw Herbert Corporal 1250
Scott David Martin Private 1251
Bennett Thomas Corporal Shoeing Smith 1261
Lindsay William Gill Sergeant 1264
Wallace John Private 1270
Matchett Robert Warrant Officer Class 2 1276
Bell William James Private 1277
McKittrick Charles Private 1278
Erskine Alexander Parker Private 1284
McNeilance Samuel John Private 1293
McMillan Hawthorn Lance Corporal 1294
Hanna Herbert Private 1298
Tilson Cecil Armytage Private 1301
Richmond Leslie Earl Sergeant 1302
Cowden Clarence Alexander St Clair Private 1303
Wilson Clarence Private 1304
McGuigan Michael John Private 1307
McMahon Francis Joseph Private 1308
Graham Isaac Lance Corporal 1320
Irwin John Private 1321
McCreary Samuel Fulton Sergeant 1322
Wilson Robert Sergeant 1325
McCormick Frederick Private 1326
Humphries Joseph Private 1329
Hall Herbert Private 1330
Dallas Arthur Ernest Lieutenant 1332
Mathews Griffith Edward Corporal 1333
Mercier Samuel Pierre Sergeant 1334
Peters Frederick Richmond Strafford Private 1341
Smyth William Stewart Squadron Quartermaster Sergeant 1342
Baird John Private 1344
Crawford Arthur Sidney Private 1345
Downey Victor George Wilson Private 1354
Hanna Samuel Joseph Private 1355
Brennan Herbert Private 1357
Burrows Thomas Private 1359
Forde John Swanton Private 1360
Herald James Private 1362
Lucas Joseph Lance Corporal 1364
Taylor William John Private 1368
Watson Joseph Henry (Harry) Lance Corporal 1369
Lynn James  Private 1371
Greene James Private 1373
Honer George Thomas Lance Corporal 1374
Lewis Andrew Private 1376
McLaughlin Joseph Private 1377
Wylie Robert Hamilton Private 1378
Harkness Thomas Private 1380
Harrison Thomas Andrew Private 1381
Davis John Charles Private 1384
Cartmill Thomas Private 1387
Blair William Robert Private 1391
Conway John Private 1395
Millar James Hamilton Johnston Private 1396
McKell Hugh Louis Private 1397
Gordon James Private 1402
Gordon William Brown Private 1403
Patterson Robert Private 1408
Harnett John Shoeing Smith 1410
Lamont Alexander Private 1412
Reynolds George Private 1415
Seaman Robert John Private 1416
Mateer Frederick Charles Corporal 1418
MacDonald Samuel Frank Chesney Private 1420
Cummins William Private 1424
Shaw Joseph Private 1425
McVicker James Private 1426
Wade James Private 1427
McCann John Private 1430
DeVoy John Forbes Private 1431
Clarke Alan George Hart Private 1433
Smyth John Private 1435
Clarke Thomas Scott Lance Corporal 1438
Adair Ernest Private 1440
Buchanan George Private 1441
Fulton James Norman Private 1442
Kelly James Private 1444
Barton Samuel Boyd Private 1445
Young Henry Private 1446
Montgomery William Clarke Private 1449
Worth Harold Francis Private 1451
Worth William Robert Private 1452
Speers Samuel William Private 1453
Crawford Matthew Private 1456
Moore William John Private 1457
Browne Robert Private 1458
Sheils Samuel Thomas Private 1459
Scanlon Frederick Thomas Private 1460
Henry John Alexander Private 1461
Whiteside Thomas Lance Sergeant 1462
Ross Henry Private 1464
Phair Thomas Private 1465
Sheridan Patrick Private 1466
Scott Thomas Private 1468
Leinster William George Private 1469
Cinnamond William Private 1476
Gracey James Private 1504
Flanagan Hugh Edmond Private 1508
Clarke George Edward Private 1524
Stroyan John Otter Private 1564
Boal Robert James Private 1573
Wright Thomas Private 1582
Annesley Hugh Alexander Private 1589
Gilliland Alexander Robert Private 1600
Galbraith George Private 1601
Thompson Robert Private 1611
Smith James Tennent Private 1629
Brennan William Dawson Corporal 1643
Mackey David Alexander Lance Corporal 1645
Beggie John Private 1699


December - one other rank to France

It is possible that this man in fact embarked for France with E Squadron in January 1916.

King Cecil Marcus Private 1553