Roll call


The Irish Imperial Yeomanry, 1900-03



The immediate ancestry of the North Irish Horse dated from the Boer War, when fourteen squadrons of Imperial Yeomanry were raised in Ireland and sent to South Africa. Over time I will add details on each squadron below.


City Hall Belfast



45th (Dublin) Company

The 45th, otherwise known as the Irish Hunt Company, comprising five officers and 116 other ranks, departed from Dublin for Holyhead on Monday 13 March 1900 on board the steamer Hibernia. There they entrained for Liverpool, where they sailed for Cape Town on board the ss. Montrose. Their regimental numbers ran from 9601 to 9716.

Stannus, T. R. A. Captain    
Ennismore, Richard G. Viscount Lieutenant    
Villiers-Stuart, H. C. Lieutenant    
Blackburn, __ Lieutenant    
Benson, J. I. Lieutenant      
Adams, F. Trumpeter 9658  
Atkinson, William H. Private 9691 St Johns, Monkstown, Dublin 06.01.00, Newbridge, 23.2, law student Discharged 13.11.00
Bagenal, Charles J. Lance Corporal 9703 Staplestown, Carlow, Carlow 08.01.00, Newbridge, 22, mining engineer Discharged 12.11.00 Lieutenant in C-in-C Body Guard & I.M.R.
Bayliss, James William Regimental Sergeant Major 9601 Enstone, Chipping Norton, Oxford __, __, 44, riding master Discharged 10.07.01 Shorncliffe Prior service 21 years 2nd Dragoons and 1st Life Guards. Later re-enlisted in 29th Bn IY at Dublin 04.11.01.
Bell, Arthur Henry Sergeant 9692      
Blake, Archibald N. Private 9673     Killed in action 28.05.00 Lindley  
Blake, St John Robert Bowen Lance Corporal 9709      
Booker, Henry Whitford Shoeing Smith 9653       Lieutenant 61st Company (new) I.Y.
Bowen, Eynon George Rice Lance Corporal 9650 Peterboro, Peterboro, Northampton 01.01.00, Newbridge, 35, gentleman Discharged 21.03.01 McKenzies Farm
Bradley, Frederick Private 9672      
Brady, John Banks Private 9629 Ennistyman, Ennistyman, Clare 18.01.00, Newbridge, 24, Candbac(?) Dublin University Discharged 12.11.00 Post discharge served on the Bodyguard of the C-in-C South Africa as Lieutenant
Brasier-Creagh, John W. Private 9603 Donoughmore, Donoughmore, Cork 06.01.00, Newbridge, 35 1, nil Discharged 20.12.00 Prior service 10 years 9th King's Royal Rifles Corps
Brereton, Thomas H. Private 9639 Grahamstown, Grahamstown, Albany Cape Colony 08.01.00, Newbridge, 33 11, nil Discharged 03.04.01 Shorncliffe
Breslin, Albert Private 9700      
Brown, Vere Ward Private 9667       2nd Lieutenant 1st Royal Dublin Fusiliers
Browne, Colin Private 9625 Devonport, Plymouth, Devonshire 30.12.99, Newbridge, 22, brewer Discharged 09.03.01 South Africa Served in Imperial Light Horse post discharge
Byrne, John Edward Private 9678 Monkstown, Monkstown, Dublin 08.01.00, Newbridge, 23.3, gentleman Killed in action 01.06.00 Lindley Medal roll states killed on 28.05.00
Carey, Thomas H. Private 9609 Holmpatrick, Skerries, Dublin 08.01.00, Newbridge, 34, farmer Discharged 31.03.01 Prior service 7th Fusiliers and Queen's Own Rifles
Chetwood, Edward Erskine Private 9705     Died of wounds 05.07.00 Lindley  
Claney, Henry James Private 9644 Newtownards, Bangor, Down 10.01.00, Newbridge, 24 7, merchant Discharged 31.05.01 Elandsfontein
Clarke, James John Private 9651      
Colthurst, Charles James Private 9693      
Cooper, W. H. Private 9671      
Copperthwaite, Edward Regimental Sergeant Major 9631 Clonard, Meath, __ 08.01.00, Newbridge, 25 6, D.M. Police Constable Discharged 17.12.01 Greens Point Camp Allowed passage to Ceylon. Served as No.7510 Ceylon M.I.
Corbally, William Private 9707      
Creagh, Herbert A. W. Private 9623      
Deane, Edward Stanley Private 9652      
de Robeck, C. Private 9698
Dooley, Edwin E. Private 9633 Drumcondra, Dublin, Dublin 06.01.00, Newbridge, 30, gentleman farmer Discharged to a commission 07.05.01 Lieutenant 46th Battalion I.Y.
Fenner, Harry Hamilton Private 9670       Lieutenant 10th Battalion I.Y.
Fenner, Norman Fred Private 9668     Killed in action 31.05.00 Lindley  
Fitzgibbon, Maurice Private 9608 Clondalkin, Dublin, Dublin 06.01.00, Newbridge, 26, medical student Discharged 31.01.01
Forbes, R.F. Private 9646 __, Dublin, Dublin 09.01.00, Newbridge, 20 11, clerk Discharged 03.04.01 Lieutenant in 22nd Company Cheshire I.Y. 2nd Battalion
Forrest, James C. Private 9677      
French, Charles J. Private 9664      
Gargan, Thomas F. Private 9610 Stamullen, Drogheda, Meath 08.01.00, Newbridge, 34 4, gentleman Died of heart failure 22.05.00 Bloemfontein  
Garraway, Roger Sutton Farrier Sergeant 9620 Kilcollraheern, Waterford, Kilkenny 05.01.00, Newbridge, 23 4, veterinary surgeon Discharged 12.11.00 Later a lieutenant
Gaynor, Joseph A. Squadron Sergeant Major 9689      
Gibson, Hon. Victor Corporal 9699      
Gilmore, Gibson Frederick Private 9627 Bailieboro, Bailieboro, Cavan 05.01.00, Newbridge, 23, farmer Discharged 04.02.01
Gray, Arthur Corporal 9661    
Greene, Thomas Westland Private 9626 Fenagh, Fenagh, Carlow 08.01.00, Newbridge, 29 1, gentleman Discharged 09.05.01 Shorncliffe
Hackett, Thomas Henry Valentine Shoeing Smith 9634 Ardnurcher, Moate, Westmeath 06.01.00, Newbridge, 27 1, mechanical engineer Discharged 12.11.00
Harty, Roger Private 9690      
Hayes, Charles Bianconi Squadron Sergeant Major 9602 Monkstown, Dublin, Dublin 08.01.00, Newbridge, 32 1, land agent Discharged 03.04.01 Shorncliffe Prior service 12 years in Northumberland Fusiliers
Herridge, Walter Private 9665      
Hewson, Henry Hilliard Shoeing Smith 9696      
Hickie, Manuel D. Private 9704      
Hilliard, Arthur Herbert Private 9606 Tralee, Tralee, Kerry 09.01.00, Newbridge, 27 6, gentleman Discharged 04.11.00 South Africa
Holmes, W. Private 9715      
Hosford, John Richard T. Sergeant 9632 Kenligh, Bandon, Cork 10.01.00, Newbridge, 24 1, official in Dublin Tram Company Discharged to a commission 29.01.02 Lieutenant 27th Battalion I.Y.
Hudson-Kinnahan, Daniel Private 9683      
Hutchinson, George Private 9669      
Irvine, Arthur Lancelot C. Lance Corporal 9680      
Jameson, Henry Robert Private 9702      
Kennedy, Frederick Hans Private 9687      
Kennedy, George Hubert Private 9621 Dundurn, Dundurn, Dublin 15.01.00, Newbridge, 27 1, solicitor Discharged 03.04.01 Shorncliffe
Kennedy, Tredegar Private 9685       Now Lieutenant in Royal Munster Fusiliers
Kenny, Herbert Victor Private 9617 Lorrha, Lorrha, Tipperary 10.01.00, Newbridge, 20, nil Discharged 03.04.01 Shorncliffe
Kerans, Edward Private 9647 Bombay, Bombay, India 08.01.00, Newbridge, 20, gentleman Discharged 19.12.00
Kirwan, John Private 9655      
Laing, William A. Private 9616 Ballina, Ballina, Mayo 06.01.00, Newbridge, 25 9, nil Discharged 12.04.01 Wounded in right shin
Leader, John Radley Private 9701      
McDowell, Joseph Private 9637 Ballingarry, Birr, Tipperary 10.01.00, Newbridge, 20, farmer Discharged 04.03.01 McKenzies Farm
McElnea, Frederick Johnston Private 9679      
McGusty, Richard Murray Private 9714
McMorran, Joseph S. Private 9674       Onomy House, Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan
McSwiney, O. Sergeant 9640      
Manifold, William Private 9657 Tralee, Tralee, Kerry 06.01.00, Newbridge, 26.8, clerk Discharged 31.12.00 Prior service in Royal Scots Greys 4 years and Cape Mounted Police 1 year
Martin, David Private 9711      
Mayston, Lionel Bridge Private 9638 Kilbenkenny, Mitchelstown, Dublin __, __, 20, nil Discharged Later served 132nd Company I.Y.
Meade, Richard John Private 9615 Fanlobus, Dunmanway, Cork 06.01.00, Newbridge, 34 9, Justice of the Peace Discharged 12.12.00
Middleton, Henry Maxton Private 9682      
Monson, William Herbert Private 9686      
Mooney, Frederick Private 9708      
Murphy, Thomas Private 9628 Ballyhorly, Fermoy, Cork 03.02.00, Royal Banks(?) Dublin, 23, groom Discharged 24.10.00 To South Africa 14.02.00. Gun shot wound left knee at Lindley 27.05.00 Mauser bullet - recovered
Norton, David Richmond Private 9710
Odlum, Harry M. Private 9666      
Ogilvy, John Frederick Corporal 9643 Rathmines, Dublin, Dublin 08.01.00, Newbridge, 31 2, solicitor Discharged 03.04.01 Shorncliffe Wounded in right thigh
Ogilvy, William Private 9636 Rathmines, Dublin, Dublin 08.01.00, Newbridge, 29 9, nil Discharged 03.04.01
O'Grady, Standish Bruce Corporal 9613 Inghoona, Newcastle West, Limerick 08.01.00, Newbridge, 30 10, nil Discharged 02.11.00 South Africa Prior service 3 years 5th Battalion Royal Munster Fusiliers
Pennefather, Richard Seymour Private 9635   __, __, 24, farmer Discharged 12.11.00 McKenzie's Farm Address post discharge Wilford, Killenaule, Tipperary
Phibbs, Darnley Private 9605 Bathwick, Bath, Somerset 08.01.00, Newbridge, 26 2, land agent's assistant Discharged 07.04.01
Phipps, Ernest A. Private 9684      
Porter, Andrew Marshall Private 9716     Died of wounds 05.06.00 Lindley  
Power, Charles William Private 9614 Carrick-on-Suir, Carrick-on-Suir, Tipperary 08.01.00, Newbridge, 35, gentleman Killed in action 28.05.00 Lindley  
Power, John William Private 9676      
Purdon, Bartholomew Private 9662      
Rendell, Albert Private 9630 Hardington Mandeville, Yeovil, Somerset 01.02.00 (or 13.01.00), Newbridge, 27 (or 24), furnishing Discharged 12.06.01
Robinson, Herbert John Private 9694     Died of wounds 01.06.00 Lindley  
Robinson, William Pasley Private 9645 Dublin, Dublin, Dublin 18.01.00, Newbridge, 22, gentleman Discharged 06.02.01 Prior service 3rd Welsh Fusiliers
Roche, David Private 9607 Tralee, Tralee, Kerry 11.01.00, Tralee, 24 9, solicitor Discharged 20.12.00
Rolleston, Allurd Ffranck Sergeant 9618 Dublin, Dublin, Dublin 15.01.00, Newbridge, 22 solicitor Discharged 03.04.01 Shorncliffe
Ross, Daniel J. Corporal 9706      
Russell, Cecil/ L. Private 9663      
Sanders, Charles Stewart Private 9612 __, Charlesville, Cork 06.01.00, Newbridge, 33, land agent Discharged 03.04.01 Shorncliffe
Shaw, Rowan Private 9641 Dublin, Dublin, Dublin 08.01.00, Newbridge, 20 1, undergraduate Trinity College Dublin Discharged 19.01.01
Simpson, Harry Trumpeter 9656      
Sinclair, John Hamilton Private 9642 Lisburn, Lisburn, Antrim 08.01.00, Newbridge, 20 7, banker Discharged 22.02.01 Lieutenant 107th Company I.Y.
Smith, Frederick Finch Private 9624 Mallow, Mallow, Cork 08.01.00, Newbridge, 35, solicitor Discharged 05.03.01 South Africa Served as a lieutenant in Johannesburg Mounted Rifles
Smith, John Private 9659     Died of wounds 31.05.00 Lindley  
Smithwick, James Arnold Private 9648 Kilkenny, Kilkenny, Kilkenny 04.01.00, Newbridge, 20, gentleman Discharged 03.04.01 Shorncliffe
Stewart, Robert Thomas Beatty Corporal 9675      
Stoker, Robert J. Private 9713
Thompson, William Orpin Private 9619 Delgany, Wicklow, Wicklow 08.01.00, Newbridge, 20, student Discharged 12.11.00 South Africa
Thunder, Michael H. Private 9649 Ramsgate, Ramsgate, Kent 02.01.00, Newbridge, 20, bank official Discharged 03.04.01 Shorncliffe
Tracey, Herbert W. Private 9712      
Wallis, Henry Samuel Private 9611 Drumcondra, Dublin, Dublin 06.01.00, Newbridge, 32 solicitor Discharged 09.11.00 South Africa
Waring, Holt Private 9604 Donaghcloney, Lurgan, Down 08.01.00, Newbridge, 22.9, landowner Discharged 13.11.00 South Africa
West, Richard Annesley Private 9697 __, Cheltenham, Gloucester 08.01.00, Newbridge, 21.3, nil Discharged 03.04.01 Shorncliffe 2/K.F.S. Lieutenant
Wilson, Alexander G. Private 9688       Provisional T. Constabulary
Wilson, Alfred Private 9622 Horsham, Horsham, Sussex 09.01.00, Newbridge, 35, valet Discharged 03.04.01 Prior service with 16th Lancers
Winyard, Harry Saddler 9660      
Wright, Archibald Private 9654      
Wright, James Francis Private 9681      
Young, William M. O'Grady Private 9695      

46th (Belfast) Company
(transferred in 1902 to the 12th Battalion)

Maude, Ralph A. Captain  
Montgomery, Hugh F. Lieutenant  
Adair, Ernest Harold Private 9393  
Ainslie, Charles Marshall Private 9417   Commissioned to 88th Regiment
Allan, John Richard Private 9467  
Allen, Joseph Private 9373  
Anderson, John Henry Private 9445   Served 3rd PPR 3259
Anderson, Norman Macloid Private 9449  
Armstrong, George H. Lance Corporal 9394     Died of disease Heilbron 29.07.00
Bellingham,Alan Mure Private 9414   Commission in New IY 16th or 102nd Company
Berry, Wilfred Joseph A. Private 9420   Served Cape Police No.2277 Private
Bothwell, Adam Armstrong Private 9421  
Bothwell, Thomas Henry Private 9475   No.39244 Lance Corporal 134th Company IY
Boyd, William Fleming Private 9469  
Burney, Josias Auld Private 9462   Cape Police No.2342 Private
Byron, William Grant Sergeant Major 9397  
Campbell, Joseph Private 9402  
Campbell, Ford Private 11103  
Carson, William Private 9378   Deceased
Clark, Albert John Private 9422  
Cleland, William James Private 9474  
Cooper, Hugh Dickson Private 9426  
Cowan, Charles George Sergeant 9375   Lieutenant 134th Company
Crawford, Thomas Private 9387  
Currie, William Private 11098  
Despard, Charles Beauclerk Corporal 9364   Commission in New 46th Company IYand attached to 74th Company
Dickson, Thomas Private 11107  
Doak, Herbert Private 9438  
Doak, Edwin Private 9451  
Donnell, Marshall Private 9386  
Drummond, William George Private 9416  
Edens, James Private 9392  
Edgar, Samuel Westley Private 9433  
Edgar, Thomas Private 9456   No.37825 Private 134th Coy IY
English, Robert Douglas Private 9361  
English, Thomas Private 9381  
Feeney, Hugh M. Private 9411  
Ford, Hugh R. L. Corporal 9452   Commission in New 74th Company IY  
Foster, George Moore Private 9429  
Foy, Humphrey Sergeant 11096     Died of disease Kroonstad 19.10.00
German, Elis Private 9450  
Glencross, John Sergeant 9390  
Glenny, Samuel Maxwell Private 9395  
Glenton, Lawrence Robert Private 9463  
Gordon, Henry Private 11099     Died of disease Kroonstad 03.09.00
Graham, John Private 9382  
Graham, A. Private 9446   Probably same as 9598
Graham, Arthur Private 9598   Probably same as 9446
Hall, Austin Private 9459  
Halladay, Robert Private 11110   No.1104 Private Cape Police
Harper, William Private 9362  
Harrison, William John Private 9398  
Harrold, Charles Private 9428  
Harvey, Herbert Giffort Private 9369  
Henry, Robert Edward Private 9423  
Herron, J. Private 9366  
Heslip, Isaac Lance Sergeant 9401   Lieutenant 134th Company IY
Hill, John Private 9444   No.1106 Private Cape Police
Hopgood, George Thomas Farrier Sergeant 9388  
Hunter, William Private 9407  
Hunter, John Private 9442  
Irvine, William Daniel Corporal 9437   Johannesburg Town Police
Jackson, William John Davidson Private 9391  
Johnston, Alfred Ashley Private 9376  
Johnston, John Charles Private 9425  
Kane, John Lance Corporal 9464  
Kernaghan, William Private 9443  
Kerr, Alfred Hugh Private 9412  
Kerr, George H. B. Trooper 11097  
Knox, Robert Private 9471  
Leckey, Thomas Private 9473     Killed in action Lindley 31.05.00
Little, Andrew Private 9400  
Logan, James Private 11111  
Martin, James Private 9404  
Martin, James Private 11106     Killed in action Lindley 30.05.00
Maze, R. Private 9448  
McAllen, George Herbert Private 9419  
McBride, Robert Private 9465  
McBroom, Walter Private 9380  
McCarkin/McCashlin, James Private 9408  
McConnell, James George Corporal 9457  
McConnell, William Henderson Private 9461   No.39727 2nd Scottish Horse
McCormick, Robert Hanna Private 9454  
McCormick, James Corporal 9472  
McCrudden, Thomas Private 9405   No.1556 Imperial Light Horse
McDonald, James Private 9466   Deceased
McHenry, Israel Private 9409   Served in 74th Company IY as No.35166 Corporal J. Fielding
McIlroy, Lewis Private 9367  
McLaughlin, George Private 9370  
McLean, Samuel Private 9435     Killed in action Lindley 30.05.00
McLeod, George Private 9476   Commission in New IY company not known
Meares, Leycester Francis D. Sergeant 9389  
Millar, John Private 11109  
Mitchell, Arthur Bree Private 9468  
Moncreiff, Francis Warden Private 9430  
Moody, George Goldney Sergeant 9406  
Mooney, David George Morgan Corporal 9371  
Mooney, John Private 9379   Commission in New 46th Company IY
Moore, John Private 9377  
Moore, Charles Connor Private 9453   No.38408 Private 134th Company
Moore, George Private 9455   Cape Police No.2310 Private
Morrison, David Private 11102  
Nelson, James Private 9372  
Newberry, John George Private 9447  
Nicholson, Arthur John M. Steele Private 9470  
Palmer, William John Private 9418  
Parker, Joseph Private 9368  
Patterson, John Private 9403     Died of poisoning Deelfontein 31.12.00
Price, William Private 9427  
Rea, Samuel James Private 11105  
Reid, J. E. Private 9432  
Rennie, James Private 11100  
Ross, George Private 11101  
Sefton, H. Private 9383  
Simons, Simpson Farrier Sergeant 9440  
Simpson, Thomas Private 11108  
Stevens, Edwin Thomas Sergeant 9410    
Stewart, Robert Private/ Lieutenant 9384   HQ 11th Battalion IY
Stewart, Robert Johnston Private 9413   Lieutenant 109th Company
Stewart, Adam Private 9597  
Stirling, John Wright Private 9458  
Suffern, Hugh Private 9415   Provl T. Constabulary
Sutherland, David Cormack Private 9396  
Thompson, Henry Private 9374  
Tinsley, Robert Private 9385  
Waddell, Charles Private 9460   No.38618 Sergeant 134th Company IY
Wagg, Albert Richard Sergeant 9424  
Walker, Thomas Private 9399     Killed in action Lindley 30.05.00
West, Frederick Buick Private 9431  
Whiteside, Alexander Private 9439  
Whittle, John William Private 9434  
Williamson, Richard Private 9436  
Wright, David Sandford Private 9441   116th Company IY
Wylie, Alexander Private 11104   No.44180 Private 134th Company IY

47th (Duke of Cambridge's Own, or Lord Donoughmore's) Company


54th (Belfast) Company




74th (Dublin) Company (transferred 1902 to 8th Battalion)




60th (North Irish Horse (Belfast)) Company


61st (South Irish Horse (Dublin)) Company




99th (Irish) Company




Otherwise known as Lord Longford's Irish Horse, this Battalion was part of the Third Contingent of Imperial Yeomanry. It comprised six companies, the 131st, 132nd, 133rd, 134th, 175th and 176th, all from Ireland. The Battalion embarked from Queenstown on board the ss. Bavarian on 10 May 1902, arriving in South Africa on the 28th, just three days before the signing of the peace treaty. They returned to England on board the Avondale Castle in January 1903.


Lord Longford and his brother officers, warrant officers and staff sergeants of the Irish Horse.
(The Navy & Army Illustrated, 24 May 1902)


All Aboard. The troops safely embarked in the "Bavarian." The Irishman is always a soldier at heart, and these "bhoys" are all on their way to get and give their fair share of hard knocks, provided that the Vereeniging Conference has not led to a conclusive peace, a matter which is still in doubt as we go to press. Lord Longford, who is commanding the corps, is the godson of H.R.H. the Duke of Connaught. ... We wish all a prosperous journey and a prompt return to the dear homeland. (The Navy & Army Illustrated, 24 May 1902)


131st (Irish Horse) Company

Captain Bowes-Lyon

Bowes-Lyon, the Hon. Malcolm Captain       2nd Life Guards
Blake, St. John Lieutenant       Served as No.9709 45th Company I.Y.
Gray, Arthur Lieutenant       Served as No.9492 16th and 54th Companies I.Y.
Hume-Kelly, F. V. Lieutenant      
Phibbs, D. Lieutenant       Served as No.9605 45th Company I.Y.
Allardyce, John Corporal 40763      
Armstrong, Alexander Private 40394      
Armstrong, R. Private 39237       See also 134th Company I.Y.
Back, W. Farrier Sergeant 1586       2nd Life Guards
Baird, Charles Alfred Private 38586      
Baynham, Walter James Private 38547      
Beahan, William Charles Private 39731      
Bell, Arthur T. Private 38606      
Benson, Thomas Private 39752      
Blue, Hugh Private 40761      
Bluett, George Private 40767      
Bowen, William Saddler Lance Corporal 39742      
Brackenreed, James Private 40793      
Breen, Denis Lance Sergeant 38571      
Briscoe, A. Sergeant 40809       Served as No.15103 74th Company I.Y.
Brooks, Harry Private 42945      
Brown, Thomas Private 44843      
Buckley, John Private 38580      
Buckley, John B. Private 38573      
Burke, Edward Francis Wyatt Private 40805      
Butler, Michael Private 42663      
Chapple, A. E. Private 1785       2nd Life Guards
Connell, Patrick Private 40130      
Cooke, C. Regimental Quarter-master Sergeant 1782       2nd Life Guards
Cooke, Hector Private 40765       Medal issued to brother J.A. Cooke, The Beflast Banking Co. Kingstown Co Dublin
Cooke, Tresham Edward Private 40760       Medal issued to Mrs D.J. Cooke, 7 St Peter's Place Drogheda, Co. Louth
Corley, Francis Private 38567      
Corry, Edward Corporal 40792       Served in Irish Hospital Corps
Cuppage, A. H. Private 41626      
Curran, P. Corporal
Darling, Maurice Private 38562      
Davis, William Private 39252      
Day, Joseph Private 38581      
Dixon, Alexander Private 38592      
Dowling, John Trumpeter 38599      
Downey, William George Private 38601      
Edwards, E. Private 2196       2nd Life Guards
Ellard, George Private 39729      
Fee, Edward Private 40804      
Finn, John Joseph Private 38064      
Fogarty, John Private 41076      
Foot, Arthur Patrick Private 41094      
French, John Cyril Private 43430      
Galbraith, John Private 40129      
Gealy, William Private 40999      
Gilmore, G. Sergeant 38544       Served as No.9627 45th Company I.Y.
Gleeson, John Private 41613      
Good, Thomas Private 42950      
Goodwyn, L. Sergeant 38574       Served as No.6878 44th Company I.Y.
Gosling, V. Orderly Room Sergeant 1226       2nd Life Guards
Griffin, Edward Timothy Squadron Quarter-master Sergeant 39256      
Griffin, John Private 41608      
Heffernan, Edward Trumpeter 38597      
Henchy, William Private 39737      
Hoey, Walter Graham Private 38572      
Hogan, Edmond Private 38063      
Hunter, Alfred Private 38588      
Ildridge, Henry Shoeing Smith 44373      
Ingram, J. Private 40131      
Irvine, Albert Lance Corporal 39747      
Jones, William Private 39728      
Kane, Thomas Private 40795      
Kearns, Thomas Private 39754      
Kellett, James Maunsell Lance Corporal 38603      
Kennedy, John Private 38555      
Kingston, Robert Private 40764      
Kirwan, J. Private 38608       Served as No.9655 45th Company I.Y.
Knaggs, George Sydney Private 39760      
Kuhl, D. Private 1941       2nd Life Guards
Lee, James Private 40796      
Lyons, W. Regimental Sergeant Major 1654       2nd Life Guards
Manley, James Lance Sergeant 43733      
Mannix, Thomas Brown Private 38559      
Mansfield, Harold B. Private 38604      
Marshall, Robert Private 37814       Father of North Irish Horseman Albert Victor Marshall.
Martin, James Alfred Private 40773      
Martin, John Richard Lance Corporal 40774      
McGrath, Richard Private 43424      
McKay, Henry Private 42664      
McMahon, Patrick Joseph Private 42951      
McMichael, William Shoeing Smith 44804      
McNamara, Russell Private 40127      
Montgomery, Hugh Private 40799      
Moore, Henry Private 39750      
Newsom, Fleming Private 42952      
Oakes, N. A. Corporal 43740       Served as No.15186 74th Company I.Y
O'Byrne, Michael Private 40784      
O'Connor, John Private 40794      
O'Mahony, John Private 42949      
Oldham, Hugh Private 41609      
Peat, Frederick Charles Private 41610      
Peat, Thomas Private 40797       Served in Irish Hospital Corps
Prior, Gabriel Private 40136      
Quigley, Francis Private 38551      
Randall, George Private 42953      
Reeves, J. Private 39758      
Roche, Francis C. Lance Corporal 41614      
Rogers, James Private 41070      
Rowland, Francis Sergeant 39254       No previous service. Entry deleted on medal roll.
Shaw, Albert Private 38576      
Sheehan, D. Private 40137      
Smith, Albert Edward Private 42658      
Smith, William Private 38541      
Stewart, Charles French Private 40786      
Sullivan, Robert Leo Private 43161      
Talbot, John Private 38560      
Taylor, James Shoeing Smith 44335      
Taylor, O. C. Squadron Sergeant Major 40810       Served as No.15208 74th Company I.Y.
Thompson, George Private 38590      
Tucker, Thomas Private 38596      
Walker, Singleton Private 40996      
Walshe, John F. Private 38587      
Walshe, Francis Corporal 38600       No previous service. Entry deleted on medal roll.
Walton, William George Private 44518      
Watson, William Private 37812      
Webb, William Private 38542      
Wells, William D. Private 43734      
West, Charles Private 38569      
West, George Private 38568      
Whitehead, J. Orderly Room Sergeant 2069       2nd Life Guards
Wills, Algernon R. H. Private 38594      


132nd (Irish Horse) Company

Crichton, H. F. Captain       Irish Guards
Brooke, A. Lieutenant      
Gibson, Hon. N. Lieutenant       Served as No.9699 45th Company I.Y.
Kingston, Earl of Lieutenant       Irish Guards
Mann, G. D. Lieutenant      
Phibbs, D. Lieutenant       Served as No.9605 45th Company I.Y.
Ross, D. J. Lieutenant       Served as No.9706 45th Company I.Y.
Adcock, St. John Corporal 38545      
Allen, Henry Private 40768      
Anderson, Hamilton Shoeing Smith 44805      
Archbold, Edward J. Private 42920      
Bailey, Harry Combe Private 38546      
Barrett, Christoppher S. Private 38579       No previous service in South Africa
Barrett, Robert Private 38575      
Barton, Patrick Private 38539      
Beytagh, L. M. Sergeant 38444       Served as No.4235 M.G. Section 62nd Company
Boobyer, Thomas George Private 43743      
Boylan, Patrick Private 38609      
Boyle, Daniel O'Connell Private 38556      
Brady, John Private 39733      
Buckley, John Rankin Lance Corporal 42241      
Collier, Patrick Private 38565      
Colohan, Thomas Corporal 44161      
Cooper, Arthur William Private 40790      
Cox, Samuel Private 44517      
Cox, William Private 40134      
Coyne, William Henry Private 38558      
Craig, Samuel Lewis Private 40806      
Creagh, Sherlock Brazier Private 43156      
Crofts, Thomas H. Squadron Sergeant Major 39741       Served as No.11234 61st Company I.Y.
Croker, W. H. Corporal 39757      
Cronogue, P. Private 41617      
Cullen, J. Private 40769      
Dallas, Harold Young Private 39751      
Darley, Robert Bradshaw Lance Corporal 41074      
Darlington, Alexander Private 38554      
Day, Francis Reginald Private 42918      
Devenish, John Private 40395      
Doyle, Thomas Private 40138      
Dunne, John Private 40789      
Eagar, R. J. Corporal 41616       Served as No.11261 61st Company I.Y.
Elliott, Melville Private 39756      
Farrelly, Henry Private 40995      
Fleming, Joseph Private 40803      
Gathercole, William Private 44336      
Gooch, Edward Private 41611       Deserted 03.07.02
Gordon, James Private 38605      
Gorman, James Private 41615      
Hackett, E. P. Private 44334       Served as No.11196 61st Company I.Y.
Harvey, John Wilfred Private 38595      
Hayes, Robert Harnett Private 40388      
Hewson, G. F. Private 44554      
Hepenstall, Norman Harold Farrier Sergeant 39755      
Higgins, Alfred Noble Private 40645      
Hill, James Houston Private 44832      
Hilton, John Private 40785      
Hodson, E. St. George Corporal 43486       Served as No.11256 61st Company I.Y. Promoted to Quartermaster Sergeant vice P. J. O'Neill reduced by FGCM.
Hosford, Stewart Francis Private 43426      
Hyor, Edward Joseph Private 39724      
Johnston, James Private 40781      
Johnston, John Private 38553      
Jones, J. F. Private 44326       Served as No.11201 61st Company I.Y.
Jordan, Peter Private 44162      
Landers, Frederick Henry Private 41628      
Larke, Robert Private 42914      
Lavelle, James Shoeing Smith 44420      
Laird, F. G. Private 42660      
Leahy, Daniel O'Mahoney Private 42240      
Lindsay, Robert Shoeing Smith 44447      
Lyster, John Purefoy Private 44023      
Manson, William Ballantine Trumpeter 41000      
Matthews, Reginald Private 41095      
Mayston, L. B. Sergeant 40808       Served as No.9638 45th Company I.Y.
McGrath, James Private 38445       Served in 1st Brabant's Horse
McIntyre, James Henry Private 42659      
McMurray, Richard Private 44449      
Meredith, George Frederick Lance Corporal 38224      
Merry, James Samuel Private 40801      
Moeran, Robert Warner Corporal 42919      
O'Brien, Arthur Richard Private 44495      
O'Connor, A. Private 39753      
O'Keeffe, David Private 40139      
O'Neill, Denis Private 39743      
O'Neill, Norman Private 40390      
O'Neill, Patrick Private 39730      
O'Neill, Patrick Joseph Private 38538       Reduced from Quartermaster Sergeant by Field General Court Martial 06.06.02
O'Reilly, John J. Private 41072      
Oldfield, Mortimer E. Private 44687      
Oldfield, R. C. Private 39738       Served as No.11185 61st Company I.Y.
Parkson, Henry Private 38561      
Panton, Robert Sergeant 43165      
Popham, John Private 43425      
Purves, Albert E. Private 44145      
Purves, John Private 44146      
Purves, Stuart Private 44144      
Quinless, James Charles Private 42915      
Reburn, William Private 38566      
Roberts, Frederick Private 40777      
Rogers, Coleman Private 39746      
Ruxton, John Private 42662      
Scott, W. H. V. Lance Sergeant 1905       Attached from 2nd Life Guards
Shannon, John Henry Longford Private 39759      
Shiels, Matthew Smyth Private 40132      
Short, Patrick Private 40778      
Simpson, Robert John Private 42661      
Steele, George Private 38591      
Stewart, Walter Private 40389      
Sweeney, John Corporal 39745      
Symington, Ernest Private 38549      
Taylor, John Wallace Moore Private 37813      
Taylor, Robert Stewart Private 40762      
Temple, Michael James Private 38540       No previous service in South Africa
Wallis, H. S. Sergeant 43730       Served as No.9611 45th Company I.Y.
Watkins, Gordon Private 40798      
Webster, Robert Private 41071      
Weiner, Gabriel Private 39734      
Welbourne, Arthur Private 44076       No previous service in South Africa
Wells, John Kilkenny Private 44567      
Wetherice, J. Private 264       Attached from Irish Guards
Williams, Anthony Private 40779      
Williams, John Private 41073      
Wolfe, Samuel Alfred Private 44523      
Woodruffe, F. Lance Corporal 1956       Attached from 2nd Life Guards


133rd (Irish Horse) Company (Ulster)

Hackett, T. D. H. Lieutenant      
Ahearne, M. Squadron Sergeant Major 87347       Royal Horse Artillery
Alexander, Matthew Private 38417      
Allingham, Robert John Lance Sergeant 42923      
Baird, John Corporal 40642       Served with 2nd Battalion Imperial Light Horse
Barrett, A. Private 38411       Served as No.9562 in 54th Company I.Y. Discharged 28.10.02
Baxter, Robert Private 40607      
Bell, James Private 39718      
Bell, Robert Private 40640      
Bell, Thomas Private 40606       Served as No.66442 Driver Royal Field Artillery
Bennett, John Private 42208      
Blackburne, James Private 40614      
Boyd, Robert Private 40609      
Browne, Cairns Edward Philip Private 40135      
Burney, Thomas Private 40608      
Chalmers, Robert Alexander Private 39693      
Chambers, Thomas Private 42921       Served as No.23842 in 46th Company I.Y.
Chapman, George Trumpeter 40990      
Conn, Francis Private 40378      
Connolly, Edward Private 42229      
Cook, James Private 41011      
Cooke, James Private 40372      
Crothers, T. J. Private 42230      
Crozier, R. Private 41009      
Darbey, J. M. Corporal 39714       Served as No.15117 in 74th Company I.Y.
Davidson, J. Sergeant 38436       Served as No.11032 in 60th Company I.Y.
Davison, William Private 39706      
Donaldson, Thomas Private 40596      
Downey, William Edward Private 44837      
Duggan, Thomas Crone Private 38406      
Dunbar, Robert Private 39691      
Edwards, Stewart Private 39699      
Fannon, T. R. H. A. Squadron Quater-master Sergeant 1340       King's Own Scottish Borderers
Galloway, Robert Private 39687      
Gibson, Edward Private 40370      
Gibson, H. Private 38412       Served as No.11125 in 54th Company I.Y.
Gibson, Robert Private 40376      
Gordon, A. E. Private 40373       Served as No.9576 in 54th Company I.Y.
Gordon, Charles Duncan Private 39707      
Graham, David Private 39704      
Graham, Joseph Private 40620      
Harper, John Private 39696      
Harper, William Private 42232      
Hedley, William Private 42224      
Henderson, J. Farrier-Sergeant 43483       Served as No.11027 in 60th Company I.Y.
Hollins, George Private 40972      
Holt, Garnett Private 40987      
Hoy, Thomas Private 40603      
Hutchinson, John Private 42233      
Jamieson, Robert Sergeant 40978       Served as No.8446 in 19th Company I.Y.
Jeffery, Charles William Private 41087      
Jenkins, Francis Private 39717      
Johnston, Albert Private 40630      
Johnston, James Private 40989      
Johnston, John Private 42203      
Johnston, John Francis Private 40618      
Kennedy, E. Sergeant 38441       Served as No.9547 in 54th Company I.Y.
Kerr, A. C. Private 38442       Served as No.9579 in 54th Company I.Y.
Killops, Thomas Private 40617      
Lowry, Samuel Private 40594      
Mackey, Samuel Private 39698      
Maguire, Robert Private 39686      
Major, Singleton Private 39247      
Martin, James Private 39703      
Mawhinney, Robert Private 40634      
McAllister, T. Private 41003      
McCandless, James Private 42934      
McCausland, David Private 42931      
McConnell, George Silver Private 42926      
McCullough, Robert C. Private 39710      
McDowell, James Private 39695      
McFarlane, James Private 41002      
McHenry, T. Private 39682       Served as No.9409 in 46th Company I.Y.
McKay, William Ninian Private 39681      
McLean, William Private 39697      
McMurray, Hugh Private 39680      
McNeice, William Private 42234      
McVeigh, Samuel Private 40384      
Megahey, John Private 38404       Served in South Africa to 1st June 1902. Discharged, incorrigible and worthless, 25.11.02.
Meneely, John Private 42235      
Montgomery, R. Sergeant 40593       Served as No.9533 in 54th Company I.Y.
Moore, Francis Alexander Private 43169      
Mouncey, Sidney Private 40988      
Murphy, Thomas Corporal 40371      
Murphy, T. Private 39248       Served as No.9528 in 54th Company I.Y.
Murphy, William James Private 40624      
Norris, Robert G. Lance Corporal 42249      
Patton, Alexander Private 39679      
Patton, John Private 39708      
Platt, Robert Shoeing Smith 42206      
Purdy, Robert Private 39678      
Quinn, Edward Private 38623      
Rea, Thomas Private 40981      
Redmond, Thomas Private 40619      
Robinson, David Saddler 40597      
Robinson, H. Corporal 37816       Served as No.11124 in 54th Company I.Y. Discharged 131st Company.
Robinson, J. Private 40612      
Semple, William Private 40604      
Shannon, Gibson Private 40383      
Simpson, James Private 39692      
Sloan, Alfred Private 41008      
Sloan, Harry Private 40985      
Smyth, D. Private 40392      
Stevenson, Thomas Private 40984      
Stewart, Joseph McCutcheon Private 40598      
Teer, James Private 44090      
Thompson, John Private 39722      
Thompson, Thomas Private 42238      
Tomb, Walter C. Lance Corporal 42932      
Tomkins, R. Private 44608      
West, Robert Private 39694      
Whiteside, James Shoeing Smith 40393      
Wilkinson, John Shoeing Smith 40602      
Wilson, Jack Private 40615      
Woods, H. Corporal 40976       Served as No.9512 in 54th I.Y.
Wright, William Private 40382      
Wylie, George Corporal 41010      
Young, Joseph Private 40635       Served as No.9559 in 54th Company I.Y.


134th (Irish Horse) Company (Ulster)

Brooke, H. H. Lieutenant      
Cowan, C. G. Lieutenant       Served as No.9375 46th Company I.Y.
Heslip, I. Lieutenant       Served as No.9401 46th Company I.Y.
Ricketts, Arthur, CMG Surgeon Captain      
Anderson, Richard Private 38611      
Armstrong, Robert Private 39237       Served with 131st Company I.Y.
Auld, Hugh Private 39238       1st Brabant's Horse
Axon, Samuel Private 42217       Deserted from 73rd Battery Royal Filed Artillery
Bate, Reginald Sergeant 40993      
Beattie, William Private 38420      
Beck, Archibald Private 37819      
Bentley, Alexander Private 40633        
Black, Thompson Private 38426      
Blakely, John Private 38433      
Bothwell, John Private 44396      
Bothwell, T. H. Lance Corporal 39244       Served as No.9475 46th Company I.Y.
Brown, James Private 37828      
Browne, Frederick Trumpeter 42223      
Cairns, A. Private 40380      
Cairns, T. Private 37840       Served as No.11134 54th Company I.Y.
Campbell, John Private 39239      
Campbell, Samuel Private 38415      
Carlisle, Alexander Private 38434      
Carroll, F. T. Sergeant 37833       Served as No.11049 60th Company I.Y.
Carson, John Private 37821      
Clarke, R. Private 44391       Served as No.9585 54th Company I.Y.
Clisdal, John Private 38407      
Connor, W. J. Sergeant 44351       Served as No.30182 84th Company I.Y.
Cooper, Charles Mayne Private 38419      
Cooper, Frederick T. Private 43732        
Crawford, Arthur Henry Sergeant 37832      
Crothers, T. E. Corporal 40631      
Darragh, George Private 42226      
Dixon, Robert Shoeing Smith 38060      
Donlon, J. T. P. Private 40644      
Doyle, Henry Private 37827      
Duncan, Lewis Private 39701      
Dwyer, Valentine J. Private 39749        
Edgar, T. Private 37825       Served as No.9456 46th Company I.Y.
Elliott, William Henry Private 38437      
Erskine, T. Private 44371       Medal issued of 60th Company I.Y. Roll
Ervin, Kennedy Private 38422      
Finlay, James Private 38438      
Freemantle, William Locket Sergeant 44337       Natal Police
Gallagher, Thomas Private 38405      
George, Robert Private 39240      
Gibbs, H. Private 44398      
Gilbert, Robert Shoeing Smith 44393      
Good, Victor Lancelot Private 37820      
Graves, Herbert Percival Private 38418      
Greene, James Private 38052        
Greenlees, James Private 38439      
Haddick, Thomas Private 40610      
Hamill, H. Private 37830       Served as No.9534 54th Company I.Y.
Hayes, Samuel Private 39245      
Heddon, W. Squadron Sergeant Major 74389       Royal Artillery. Did not serve with RA in South Africa
Hughes, Robert Private 42922      
Jones, Nevin Private 39241      
Kelly, James Private 43155      
Kelly, J. D. Lance Corporal 44833       Served as No.9531 54th Company I.Y.
Kelly, William George Private 37817      
Kennedy, Robert Private 40385      
Kidd-Davis, William Private 44643      
Kissock, Samuel Private 38056      
Knox, Cecil Private 38423      
Lester, Charles Wesley Private 41005      
Liggett, J. Squardon Quarter-master Sergeant 37818       Served as No.9583 54th Company I.Y.
Liggett, Samuel Wallace Private 38059      
Long, George Isaac Private 39246      
Lowry, Bertie Private 38443      
Macrae, Frederick Corporal 37838      
Marshall, Charles Private 37841      
Marshall, Morrow Private 38431      
Martin, Samuel Private 38613      
Maxwell, John Private 39685      
Maxwell, William Private 42929      
McBroom, W. Private 38401       Served as No.9380 46th Company I.Y.
McCleery, Henry Private 39242      
McClernon, John Private 37826      
McCluskey, Bernard Private 44836      
McCormick, William Private 38402      
McCoy, Thomas Private 37837      
McCreanor, Robert Private 38625      
McCullough, George Private 37829      
McDonald, Robert Private 39689      
McGowan, Thomas Private 38626      
McIlhagga, John Private 38432      
McMurray, Edward Ernest Corporal 37842      
McVeigh, John Private 44834      
Milligan, John Private 38615      
Mills, John Private 38058      
Monroe, Frank Private 39259      
Moore, J. Private 38408       Served as No.9377 46th Company I.Y.
Moore, William James Private 38430      
Neild, James Robert Private 38400      
Neill, David William Private 44450      
Niblock, William Private 38062      
Nicholson, William Henry Private 39249      
Northcote, George Private 38403      
O'Mara, William Henry Private 37839      
Oliver, Charles Henry Private 44595      
Orr, Richard Private 38410      
Orr, Samuel Farrier Sergeant 43423      
Osborne, Edward Gray Private 38421      
Parkhill, Robert Private 40599      
Preston, Hugh Private 39713      
Quinn, I. Private 44835       Served as No.9581 54th Company I.Y.
Rankin, G. Private 39350      
Reid, David Private 38617      
Robinson, William Private 38621      
Rooney, John Shoeing Smith 44392      
Scott, Adam Private 38051      
Sheppard, Edward Private 38054      
Singer, Ervin Private 38425      
Skelly, V. G. Private 38624       Served as No.25178 46th Company I.Y. Discharged inefficient 19.10.01
Sloan, George Private 41069       Died at Worcester 10 September 1902
Smalls, Michael Private 38428      
Smith, Ashley McDonald Private 38424      
Smith, William Edward Private 37831      
Smily, James Alfred Private 38616      
Smylie, Robert Joseph Private 40605      
Smyth, William Samuel Private 38427      
Stewart, Frederick Charles Trumpeter 39251      
Telford, Samuel Private 38619      
Thompson, James Alexander Private 37823      
Tinsely, R. Sergeant 38618       Served as No.9385 46th Company I.Y.
Wallace, Alfred Orr Private 37835      
Wallace, Thomas Porteous Private 39243      
Watson, James Saddler 37824      
Whitehead, J. Corporal 2069       2nd Life Guards
Wightman, William James Private 42220      
Wilson, Samuel Private 38429      
Wright, George Private 38416      
Wright, Reginald P. Private 38607      
Wylie, A. Private 44180       Served as No.11104 46th Company I.Y.
Young, John Private 38622      


175th (Irish Horse) Company

Hewson, Lionel L. Captain       Received medal as trooper in Roberts' Horse, entitled to clasp as Lieutenant in Kitchener's Horse.
Long, E. Lieutenant       Served with 21st Company
Merrick, Frank S. Lieutenant      
Roberts, I. D'E. Lieutenant       Royal Artillery
Stokes, J. Lieutenant       For service with the Army Service Corps and C.P. as trooper with additional service as Lieutenant in 175 Squadron I.Y.
Allen, John Private 40643      
Anderson, John Craig Private 42930      
Archibald, Robert Private 42218      
Barr, Thomas Private 40977      
Bell, John Private 41082      
Bradley, William Private 41080      
Brown, John Private 42210      
Browning, Edward Sergeant 44514      
Campbell, Hugh Private 41621      
Campbell, John Trumpeter 41085      
Carberry, Frank Private 42219      
Christie, James Private 42228      
Cooke, Walter James Private 41624      
Delargy, Patrick Private 40982      
Dickinson, Evelyn Palmer Squadron Sergeant Major 43727 Newtonabbot, __, Devonshire 25.01.02, Dublin, 34, acting Sergeant Royal Irish Constabulary Discharged 24.01.03
Dickson, David Private 42212      
Dinsmore, James Private 42927      
Doherty, James Private 43168      
Doherty, Joseph Private 42198      
Doherty, Richard Private 42248      
Douglas, James Private 42244      
Doyle, John Private 44831      
Dundee, W. J. Sergeant 40625       Served as No.26204 in 60th Company I.Y.
Dunlop, Archibald Private 41092      
Dunne, William John Private 42247      
Fenn, Walter Private 42222      
Ferguson, J. Private 42231      
Finlay, David Private 41625      
Finlay, Robert Trumpeter 42202      
Fleming, John Private 42939      
Foye, Thomas Private 40381      
Friel, James Private 41622      
George, John Bertram Farrier Sergeant 39255      
Gracey, Robert Private 41006      
Graham, Thomas Private 44607      
Haithwaite, C. J. G. M. Corporal 38612       As trooper in 60th (old) I.Y. and Lance Corporal 60th (new) I.Y. with additional service 175 Squadron I.Y. Former No.11046
Hall, Thomas Private 42937      
Hamill, Robert Private 42205      
Hamilton, Samuel Private 39719      
Hanna, James Shoeing Smith 44424      
Harrison, George Shoeing Smith 44372      
Henry, J. Private 40974      
Holland, Thomas Saddler 41081      
Houston, William Private 40379      
Hunter, Samuel Private 41620      
Hutchings, Frederick William Private 40788      
Irvine, Samuel Private 41021      
Johnston, George Private 40973      
Jones, Albert Private 40600      
Jordan, David Private 44839      
Jordan, William Private 44572      
Kane, John Private 41090      
Kenna, Joseph Shoeing Smith 41077      
Kerr, Hugh Private 41084      
Lemon, Charles Private 40638      
Lennon, Frank Private 42214      
Lewis, Edward Private 42213      
Lowery, William Private 44842      
Lowry, M. Sergeant 43484       Served as No.11034 in 60th Company I.Y.
Lundie, Thomas Private 41079      
Lynch, Thomas Private 44494      
Mackey, Robert Private 44838       Killcaly, Muckamoor, Co. Antrim
Magan, Michael Joseph Private 44642      
McBride, John Private 42251      
McCane, John Private 41619      
McCaw, Percy Private 40611      
McClelland, James Private 42216      
McCluskey, James Private 40983      
McConnell, Francis Lawrence Private 40975      
McGillicuddy, John Private 43725      
McKee, John Private 44841      
McManus, John Private 39720      
McMillan, Neil Private 43171      
Mitchell, William Private 41093      
Moore, Thomas Quinton Private 41020      
Moore, William Private 42933      
Morrow, Waddell Private 42221      
Murphy, Edward Private 44160      
Oldcroft, John Lance Corporal 43166      
Oliver, William Private 40623      
Parker, Alexander Private 44844      
Parker, Samuel Private 41012      
Patterson, Samuel Private 41016      
Payne, Charles Lewis Private 44497       Church Farm, Redwrite, nr Newport, (?)
Perry, Samuel Henry Private 40632      
Peters, John Sergeant 44158      
Pettigrew, A. Corporal 41004       Served as No.11024 in 60th Company I.Y.
Phillips, Archibald Private 42236      
Quinlan, Maurice Private 43726      
Rainey, D. Private 44425       Served as No.11053 in 60th Company I.Y.
Robinson, Archibald Private 40979      
Rodgers, David Private 40613      
Savage, H. Private 40386       Served as No.9577 in 54th Company I.Y.
Scott, Robert Lance Corporal 41015      
Scotten, George Horton Private 39261      
Smallwood, Francis W. Lance Corporal 44370      
Smith, Robert Private 42237      
Smyth, James Private 40986      
Sproule, Andrew Charles Private 43429      
Stephens, George W. Private 41078      
Sterritt, William Private 42935      
Stevenson, Joseph Private 42943      
Stewart, J. Private 40636       Served as No.10999 in 60th Company I.Y.
Taggart, John Private 41083      
Taylor, John Private 42211      
Thompson, Andrew Private 40377      
Thompson, David Private 42245      
Walker, William Henry Private 43428      
White, Robert Lance Corporal 41088      
Whittington, John James Lance Corporal 42195      
Wilson, Hugh Private 42253      
Wilson, John Private 42239      
Wylie, Richard Private 42199      


176th (Irish Horse) Company

Gorringe, A.A. Captain    
Shaw, R.A. Lieutenant     Royal Field Artillery
Medlicott, Henry Edward Lieutenant     Royal Field Artillery
Brabazon, Hon. C.M. Lieutenant     Irish Guards
Crawford, Hedley Reginald Henry Lieutenant St Anne's, Dublin 08.02.02, Curragh, 21.4, gentleman   Prior service as No.11232 in 61st Company Imperial Yeomanry
Adams, William Caldwell Private 42209  
Alexander, Charles S. Private 42916 __, Toker, Cork 18.01.02, Dublin, 21, clerk Discharged 13.03.03
Alfred, Samuel Private 43735 Adare, __, Limerick 20.01.02, Dublin, 21, groom Discharged 18.09.02
Allen, William Keown Private 44609 Dungloe, Donegal, Donegal 11.04.02, Curragh, 32, Royal Irish Constabulary Discharged 25.11.02  
Bailey, Richard Ebenezer Nunn Lance Corporal 43741 Dublin, Dublin, Dublin 28.01.02, Dublin, 25.2, none Discharged 27.01.03 Prior service as an officer in the 3rd Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Balcombe, John Saddler 43482 Brighton, Brighton, Sussex 22.01.02, Brighton, 20.1, saddler Discharged 14.01.03 Discharged 131st Company Imperial Yeomanry
Barr, William Private 39716 Coleriane, Coleraine, Derry 10.01.02, Belfast, 20, clerk Discharged 14.01.03
Baxter, William Private 40637 Kinnego, Lurgan, Armagh 14.01.02, Belfast, 29, farmer Discharged 18.09.02
Bibby, Joseph Private 43737 __, Bandon, Cork 20.01.02, Dublin, 20, groom Discharged 19.01.03
Birckley, Frederick Private 44496 Halifax, __, Yorkshire 22.03.02, Curragh, 31, fishmonger Discharged 14.01.03
Blake, Richard Marlay Private 37811 Lordship, Dundalk, Louth 03.01.02, Armagh, 20.3, none Discharged 02.01.03
Boagle, James Private 43170 Burt, Londonderry, Donegal 21.01.02, Londonderry, 28.6, labourer Discharged 25.11.02
Boyd, Stewart Private 44137 Killybegs, Killybegs, Donegal 10.02.02, Curragh, 29, policeman Discharged 25.11.02
Brownrigg, William John Lance Corporal 44395 __, Belfast, Antrim 05.03.02, Curragh, 25, bricklayer Discharged 10.11.02 Prior service in the 2nd Battalion Royal Irish Rifles
Burrows, David Private 39700 Bray, Bray, Wicklow 09.01.02, Belfast, 24, clerk Discharged 25.11.02
Butter, John Lance Corporal 44089 Longford, Longford, Longford 05.02.02, Dublin, 31, RIC constable Discharged 03.09.02
Callaghan, John Private 44142 Discharged 28.10.02
Calliston, Robert Private 41629
Cambridge, Robert Private 40595 Carrickfergus, Carrickfergus, Antrim 08.01.02, Belfast, 20.2, grocer Discharged 14.01.03 On 133rd Company Imperial Yeomanry Medal Roll
Carson, Joseph Private 41007 Glenalina, Belfast, Antrim 16.01.02, Belfast, 21, stonecutter Discharged 28.10.02
Cole, John Henry Private 44520 St Mary's, __,  Dublin 01.04.02, Curragh, 20, farmer Discharged 28.10.02
Comerford, Patrick Private 44084 __, Coolgreany, Kilkenny 01.02.02, Dublin, 25, none Discharged 08.09.02 Also served in the South African Light Horse time expired
Condon, William James Sqn Sgt Major 43551 Cappoquin, Lismore, Waterford 24.01.02, Tubbercurry, 25, mounted polic constable RIC Discharged 10.12.02 No previous service
Coulter, Thomas Private 40629 Ballynahinch, Ballynahinch, Down 14.01.02, Belfast, 20.3, clerk Discharged 28 .10.02
Cusin, James Private 40980 Shankill, Belfast, Antrim 15.01.02, Belfast, 27, engine fitter Discharged 03.09.02
Davys, Edward James Private 40775 Monkstown, Dublin, Dublin 09.01.02, Dublin, 25, farmer Discharged 14.01.03
de Montmorency, Herve Private 43728 Carrickmines, __, Dublin 25.01.02, Dublin, 22, none Discharged 28.11.02
Deane, Robert Private 41612
Deeley, Thomas Private 43739 __, Kilconnell, Galway 28.01.02, Dublin, 25, farmer Discharged 28.10.02
Dickson, William Private 43838 Devenish, Enniskillen, Fermanagh 31.01.02, Curragh, 33.10, policeman Discharged 10.09.02
Dunbar, Rowland Sergeant 44085 __, Dundrum, Dublin 01.02.02, Dublin, 28, gardener Discharged 14.12.02 Prior service as No.25193 74th Company Imperial Yeomanry
Elmes, Richard Henry Private 42948 St Finne Burres, Cork, Cork 13.01.02, Cork, 24, electrician Discharged 28.10.02
Espie, William Stuart R. Private 40391 Kildress, Cookstown, Tyrone 13.01.02, Omagh, 26.5, farmer Discharged 25.11.02
Faulkner, Thomas Private 44840 Ahoghill, Ballymena, Antrim 23.04.02, Curragh, 21.6, van driver Discharged 02.05.03
Fenton, James Wallace Private 43995 Fethard, Fethard, Wexford 31.01.02, Cork, 21.2, chemist Discharged 07.09.02
Fenton, James William Private 44140 Headborough, Tallow, Waterford 11.02.02, Curragh, 27, Royal Irish Constabulary Discharged 25.11.02
Fitzgerald, Cecil Henry Corporal 44324 Farnham, Farnham, Surrey 17.02.02, Curragh, 31, civil engineer Discharged 03.09.02
Flannery, Thomas Augustus Private 44553 Kilcolman, Bellyhaderian, Mayo 04.04.02, Curragh, 34, farmer Discharged 03.09.02
Foot, Henry Arthur Lance Corporal 43164 Shipton, George, North Yorkshire 22.01.02, Curragh, 34.6, servant Discharged 18.09.02 Prior service in the 4th Dragoon Guards
George, Robert Private 44552 Caramdaly, Belfast, Antrim 04.04.02, Curragh, 35, none Discharged 14.01.03 Prior service Royal Field Artillery time expired
Ginniff, John Private 41014 Shankill, Belfast, Antrim 16.01.02, Belfast, 22.3, van driver
Glasten, Thomas Shoeing Smith 44952 Oldcastle, Oldcastle, Meath 06.05.02, Curragh, 27, farrier Discharged 25 11 02 No.2202 2nd Battalion Hampshire Regiment. Prior service 5th Battalion Leinster Infantry
Grene, James Private 44535 Boherlan, Cashan, Tipperary 03.04.02, Curragh, 20, none Discharged 28.10.02
Harvey, Edward Private 40646 Ahoghill, Ahoghill, Antrim 13.01.02, Mullingar, 20, farmer Discharged 14.01.03
Hayes, Michael John Private 44569 Nacker, Limerick, Limerick 05.04.02, Curragh, 27, farmer Discharged 28.10.02
Hennessy, Mathew Sergeant 44088 Edgeworth Town, __, Longford 31.01.02, Dublin, 26, police constable Discharged 28.10.02
Hensman, Humphrey Private 44568 Wilton, Taunton, Somersetshire 05.04.02, Curragh, 21.10, schoolmaster Discharged 07.09.02
Hope, Abraham Shoeing Smith 44333 Mourne Park, Kilkee, Down 20.02.02, Curragh, 26.2, shoeing smith Discharged 25.11.02
Houston, Robert Private 42215 ..
Irwin, Thomas Private 44139 Middletown, Armagh, Armagh 10.02.02, Curragh, 25.8, Royal Irish Constabulary Discharged 03.09.02
Johnston, John Private 44138 Ballinderry, Magherafelt, Derry 10.02.02, Curragh, 27.10, Royal Irish Constabulary Discharged 28.10.02
Kennedy, Joseph Private 44498 __, Belfast, Antrim 25.03.02, Curragh, 27.5, groom Discharged 28.10.02
Kennedy, Timothy Private 44448 Pallaskenry, Limerick, Limerick 14.02.02, Curragh, 30, Royal Irish Constabulary Discharged 17.09.02
Kenny, William Henry Private 44078 St Nicholas, Galway, Galway 08.02.02, Curragh, 22, policeman Discharged 25.11.02
Lambert, William Private 41019 Shankill, Belfast, Antrim 16.01.02, Belfast, 20.3, van driver Discharged 15.01.03
Larman, Charles Edwin Sergeant 84892 (RHA) Healesworth, Halesworth, Suffolk 23.05.91, Great Yarmouth, 18.5, shop assistant Discharged 30.06.10 Royal Horse Artillery. Rejoined Royal Field Artillery 2 October 1914. Discharged Company Sergeant Major Labour Corps 16 November 1919. Mentioned in Despatches 1919.
Likely, Robert Private 44159 Grange, Grange, Sligo 13.02.02, Curragh, 27.3, RIC policeman Discharged 10.09.02
Lonsdale, Frederick Private 40374 Ballinderry, Ballinderry, Antrim 13.01.02, Belfast, 21, bricklayer Discharged 28.10.02
Louden, Victor Michael Private 43160 Westport, Westport, Mayo 17.01.02, Castlebar, 20.2, none Discharged 03.09.02
Lucas, Hopton Lance Sergeant 44079 Ballanteen, Dublin, Dublin 08.02.02, Curragh, 30, policeman Discharged 18.10.02
Lundy, William Private 38620 Comber, Comber, Down 07.01.02, Belfast, 24, farmer Discharged 28.10.02
McClarty, James Private 41013 Layde, Cushendall, Antrim 16.01.02, Belfast, 21, student Discharged 07.09.02
McClean, John Trooper 43154 Whitehill, Granard, Longford 22 01 02, Belfast, 26, valet Discharged 28.10.02 Prior service 3rd Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers, purchased discharge.
McClung, William Corporal 44390 Dromore, __, Tyrone 25.02.02, Curragh, 34.6, constable RIC Discharged 18.10.02
McConnell, Henry Private 39684 Newry, Newry, Armagh 11.01.02, Belfast, 20.1, farmer Discharged 03.09.02
McCrea, S. Private 40639
McCready, Cyril Alexander Bugler 38589 St Andrews, Dublin, Dublin 02.01.02, Dublin, 20.6, surveyor Discharged 28.10.02
McCready, Joseph Lance Sergeant 44080 Grange, Armagh, Armagh 08.02.02, Curragh, 31, Royal Irish Constabulary Discharged 17.09.02
McGahie, George Private 42940 Templemore, Londonderry, Londonderry 20.01.02, Londonderry, 20.2, barman Discharged 25.11.02
McIlwaine, William Robert Private 44521 Dromore, Down, Down 01.04.02, Curragh, 21, clerk Discharged 08.09.02
McKinn, John Shoeing Smith 44555 Newtownards, Newtownards, Down 04.04.02, Curragh, 34.6, shoeing smith Discharged 25.11.02 No.68248 Royal Garrison Artillery; Royal Artillery Southern Division 16th Company time expired
McMahon, Francis Private 44323 St Francis, Dublin, Dublin 19.02.02, Dublin, 30, groom Discharged 28.10.02
McMorran, Joseph Corporal 44086 St Georges Dublin, Dublin 01.02.02, Dublin, 27, none Discharged 28.10.02 Served as No.9674 45th Coy Imperial Yeomanry discharged own request
McMurray, Thomas Private 40601 Newtownards, Newtownards, Down 08.01.02, Belfast, 25, farmer Discharged 14.01.03
McSpedden, Joseph Private 41017 Moira, Lisburn, Antrim 15.01.02, Belfast, 22, grocer Discharged 15.01.03
Mateer, William Private 44519 Dromara, Ballinahinch, Co Down 01.04.02, Curragh, 28, grocer Discharged 14.01.03
Maxwell, Robert Private 42942
Meade, John Francis Private 43729 St Johns, Enniscorthy, Wexford 25.01.02, Dublin, 21.6, book-keeper Discharged 28 10 02
Millerd, Francis Private 43744 Donoghmore, Blayney, Cork 27.01.02, Cork, 20, clerk Discharged 26.01.03
Moore, Ralph Edward Corporal 44081 Monaghan, Monaghan, Monaghan 08.02.02, Curragh, 27, policeman Discharged 17.09.02
Mulcahy, William Private 42947 St Michael's, Limerick, Limerick 13.01.02, Cork, 20, butcher Discharged 28.10.02
O'Keeffe, Patrick Private 43163 St Annes, Cork, Cork 16.01.02, Cork, 20, clerk Discharged 18.09.02
Patterson, John Private 44443 Templemore, Londonderry, __ 15.03.02, Londonderry, 22.9, tramcar conductor Discharged 21.03.03 No.2408 Trooper South African Light Horse time expired
Pelissier, Robert Private 39740 __, Clontarf, Dublin 07.01.02, Dublin, 21, clerk Discharged 14.01.03
Power, Michael Lance Corporal 44481 Bree, Enniscorthy, Wexford 18.03.02, Curragh, 28.2, Dublin Metropolitan Police Discharged 17.09.02
Quinn, William John Private 40616 Newtonstewart, Newtonstewart, Tyrone 09.01.02, Belfast, 25, clerk Discharged 07.09.02
Reilly, George Bernard Sergeant 44091 __, Dundrum, Dublin 01.02.02, Dublin, 23.4, surveyor Discharged 11.12.02 Prior service as No.32536 74th Company Imperial Yeomanry medically unfit
Rennick, James Private 43742 Derrybrusk, Lisbellaw, Fermanagh 14.01.02, Omagh, 25.2, farmer Discharged 25.11.02
Rogers, Martin Robert Private 44136 Ballinrobe, Mayo, Mayo 10.02.02, Curragh, 22, policeman Discharged 28.10.02
Rourke, James Private 44394 Artramon? Wexford, Wexford 02.03.03, Curragh, 23.11, Royal Irish Constabulary Discharged 17.09.02
Rowles, Edward Private 38578 04.01.02 Discharged 28.10.02 Prior service Dragoon Guards 1888 to 1901. RASC and RM Labour Corps 1915-20.
Shackleton, George Private 38543 Roscrea, Tipperary, Tipperary 02.01.02, Dublin, 20.3, draper Discharged 22.11.02
Sheils, Thomas James Private 44557 Trillenkare, Bailieborough, Cavan 05.04.02, Curragh, 22, farmer Discharged 14.01.03 Prior service 2 months in RGA
Smith, Irwin Private 38583 Garryhinch, Garryhinch, Kings 02.01.02, Dublin, 21, draper Discharged 18.09.02
Sproule, Thomas Berry Private 44571 Kilinvoy, Roscommon, __ 24.03.02, Curragh, 26.3, none Discharged 18.09.02
Teer, James Private 44090 __, Ashfort, Wicklow 05.02.02, Dublin, 27, groom Discharged 14.02.03 On 133rd Company Imperial Yeomanry Medal Roll. Embarked for South Africa 26.04.02.
Thompson, George Private 38414 Coagh, Coagh, Tyrone 06.01.02, Belfast, 21.9, fitter Discharged 03.09.02
Tiernan, Thomas Private 39690 Fenagh, Fenagh, Leitrim 11.01.02, Belfast, 22, shop assistant Discharged 18.09.02
Walker, John Jackson SQMS 44082 Abbeylara, Granard, Longford 08.02.02, Curragh, 29.9, policeman Discharged 14.01.03
Wallace, John Saddler Corporal 40641 Lisburn, Lisburn, Down 14.01.02, Belfast, 23, shoemaker Discharged 25.11.02
Watson, Robert Lance Corporal 44512 Rathfriland, Rathfriland, Down 27.03.02, Curragh, 26, draper Discharged 08.09.02  Prior service 7th Battalion Royal Fusiliers
Weatherall, Samuel Private 44556 Shankill, __, Armagh 05.04.02, Curragh, 30, carman Discharged 28.10.02 Prior service 83rd and 86th RIR, purchased discharge
Welply, John Private 43996 Bandon, Bandon, Cork 29.01.02, Cork, 21, clerk Discharged 28.10.02 Prior service Prince of Wales Light Horse time expired
White, William Private 42246
White, William Charles Private 40626 Milltown, Armagh, Armagh 14.01.02, Belfast, 20.4, engineer Discharged 28.10.02
Wright, Archibald Robinson Trooper 40375 Newtownards, Newtownards, Down 13.01.02, Belfast, 20.3, solicitor's apprentice Discharged 17.02.02 Discharged, not likely to become an efficient soldier. No overseas service.
Wright, Benjamin George Private 44803 St Lukes, Cork, Cork 23.04.02, Curragh, 20.4, engineer Discharged 28.10.02
Young, Oliver Gilbert Private 43167 Stone, Stafford, Staffordshire 20.01.02, Londonderry, 33.8, clerk Discharged 03.09.02