Roll call


The Monthly Army List


Each month the War Office published a list of officers serving in each regiment of the Army. Below are links to transcripts of the Monthly Army List for the North of Ireland Imperial Yeomanry and the North Irish Horse.

Text in red indicates an addition from the previous month. Text that has been struck out indicates a deletion from the previous month. The dates on the right of the page refer to 'seniority' - that is, the date at which the officer was gazetted to that rank.

North of Ireland Imperial Yeomanry

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North Irish Horse

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1920 (Mar, June, Sept, Dec)    1926 (Jan)    1934 (Jan)    1935 (Jan)    1938 (July, Aug)    1940 (Jan)   


Abbreviations that appear in the text are listed below:

Br. W.I.R. – British West Indies Regiment.
C.B. – Companion of the Bath.
c. – Colonel.
c.c. – Serving with Divisional Cyclist Company/ Army Cyclist Corps.
C.M.G. – Companion of St Michael and St George
d. – On the strength of the Depot.
D.G. – Dragoon Guards.
Dns – Dragoons
D.S.O. – Distinguished Service Order.
[F] – Name appears on the Foreign Orders list.
f.c. – Belonging or attached to Royal Flyling Corps
(H) – Qualified at a School of Musketry.
hon. –  Honorary
K.G. – Knight of the Garter.
L.G. – Life Guards.
Lrs. – Lancers.
lt. – Lieutenant.
l.c. – Lieutenant Colonel [when in text].
l.c. – Labour Corps [when in margin].
m. – Major.
M.B.E. – Member of the British Empire.
M.C. – Military Cross.
m.g. – Employed with Machine Gun Corps
M.V.O. – Member of the Royal Victorian Order.
p. – Holds a certificate of proficiency for rank of field officer.
p.s. – Passed School of Instruction for rank of field officer.
p.v.c. – Attended satisfactorily a course at the Veterinary School, Aldershot
r.c. – Serving in a reserve regiment of cavalry.
r.e. – Officer on Regular Establishment attached to a Special Reserve Battalion other than as Adjutant or Quarter-Master.
ret. – Retired.
r.r. – Serving with Reserve Regiment.
s. – On Staff
s.s. – Employed with Army Signals Service.
t. – Serving with the Territorial Force.
t.c. – Employed with Tank Corps.
temp. – Temporary.
– War service prior to the current war.
– Acting.