9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion, Royal Irish Fusiliers


At the end of August 1917 the 2nd North Irish Horse Regiment was dismounted and absorbed into the 9th (Service) Battalion, Royal Irish Fusiliers, which henceforth was known as the 9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion, Royal Irish Fusiliers.

This section covers the period from 1 March to 31 May 1918.

The diary is sourced from National Archives document WO 95/2505.



March 1918


Sheet 66CNW 1/20,000. Grand Seraucourt. 5.30pm. Battalion moved to support at Essigny Station in relief of 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers.


[2-7 March] Essigny Station. Working on defences of Battle Zone daily.
[2 March] Effective strength: Officers 46, Other Ranks 1083, horses 36, mules 16. Decrease: Captain J Grant (Medical Board, England). Increase: Twelve Other Ranks.
[7-8 March] 6pm. Relieved 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers in line, with 2nd Royal Irish Rifles on left and 8 King's Royal Rifles on right.


[9-14 March] Patrolling and wiring nightly. Our artillery lively cutting enemy wire and sweeping likely places of assembly for enemy attack. Enemy artillery unusually quiet. Great aerial activity owing to fine weather and visibility. One enemy aircraft brought down on enemy line opposite left Battalion front.
[9 March] 3pm. Enemy machine gun captured without opposition by 2nd Lieutenant W.G Greenaway and three Other Ranks from position at B.17.a.9.8.
Effective strength: Officers 46, Other Ranks 1076, horses 36, mules 16. Decrease: Seven Other Ranks.
[14-15 March] 8pm. Relieved by 12th Royal Irish Rifles and moved to Grand Seraucourt in reserve.


Effective strength: Officers 45, Other Ranks 1058, horses 37, mules 18. Increase: Horses 1, mules 2. Decrease: Officer 1, 2nd Lieutenant W.G Greenaway transferred to Royal Flying Corps, England; Other Ranks 18.


Grand Seraucourt. St Patrick's Day. Sunday. Church Parade in morning and sports in evening.


Intensive training, by Platoons, in morning. Specialist training in evening.


2am. Intensive enemy barrage opened on our positions, for a depth of from 4 to 6 kilometres. At 6am enemy attacked. Battalion moved to Brigade Headquarters just east of village. 2nd Lieutenant Prenter and four Other Ranks killed. 2nd Lieutenant Perkins and 16 Platoon missing. Part of 2 Platoons of A Company missing.


Battalion fell back on Halpincourt, where we remained during the day, falling back on Ollizey in the evening.


At Ollizey all day, fell back on farm house in front of Fleuesele.


Remained at Fleuesle for the day, and fell back on Guiscard, remaining there for the night. Captain Partridge MC killed and Captain Vesey MC wounded during night.


Fell back through Busse to Avrilcourt and then marched via Tilloloy, Popincourt, Grivillers, Marquivillers, Guerbigny to Erches, arriving at 11am on morning of 26th. Lewis Guns were sent by lorry previous night.
Major Brew and details went into line in front of Erches. Remainder of Battalion under Captain Despard MC formed reserves west of Erches.


Enemy attacked and the Royal Irish Rifles fell back on 9th Battalion reserve who fell back with same to a position south of Arvillers, and then south of the village, where they remained the night.


This party under Captains Despard, Crosbie and Dean, and 2nd Lieutenant Davison, fell back, by orders, through Hangesy-en-Santerre, Plessier, Rosainvillers, Moreuil, Mailly-Raineval, Sourdon, remaining there the night.


Marched from Sourdon, via Ailly-sur-Noye, Jumel to Taisnil.


Marched from Taisnil to Sauleul [Salouël] and remained the night.


Entrained from Sauleux [Saleux] to Eu and marched to St Quentain-le-Mott.
Casualty report appended.
[Signed] G.M Forde, Major
Officer Commanding
9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers

Appendix 103
Operation Orders by
Lieutenant-Colonel P.E Kelly
Commanding 9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion, the Royal Irish Fusiliers
15 March 1918

1.  The Battalion will be relieved in the line on night of 15/16th. March by 12th. Bn. ROYAL IRISH RIFLES.
"A" Coy will be relieved by "A" Coy in Right Front.
"C"    "    "   "        "      "  "D"  "   "   Left Front.
"D"    "    "   "        "      "  "C"  "   "   Counter Attack line.
"B"    "    "   "        "      "  "B"  "   "   Redoubt.

2.   One guide per Lewis Gun and Signallers post of "A", "C" & "D" Coys will be at Advanced Battalion H.Q. at 6-30 p.m.
One guide per platoon and Coy. H.Q. from "A", "C", & "D" Coys will be at Advanced Bn. H.Q. at 8 p.m.
Same from "B" Coy. will be at Rear Bn. H.Q. at 7-30 p.m.

3.  Transport will be arranged as follows:-
For Rear Bn. H.Q., "B" Coys. and M.O's stores (including Bn. Lewis guns) at Rear Battalion Headquarters about 8 p.m.
For "A", "C", & "D" Coys stores at Advanced Bn. H.Q. about 8-30 p.m. (stores including Battalion Lewis Guns).
One N.C.O. per Company will accompany Lewis Guns.
One Servant per Company and Battalion H.Q. will accompany kits.

4.  Sector Defence schemes, secret maps, aeroplane photographs, patrol and Work Log and Trench Stores will be handed over and receipts obtained, which will be forwarded, in duplicate, to Battalion H.Q. by 12 noon, 16th. inst.

5.  One officer and one N.C.O. per Company will parade at Rear Battalion H.Q. 2 p.m. and proceed to GD. SERAUCOURT to take over Billets previously occupied.

6.  All dugout will be left in a clean and sanitary condition and certificates to this effect will be obtained and forwarded to Battalion H.Q. by 12 noon, 16th. inst.

7.  Completion of reliefs will be reported by runner to Rear Bn. H.Q.

8.  On Relief, platoons will move at an interval of not less than 100 yds to billets at GD.SERAUCOURT, vacated by 1st. Bn. Royal Irish Fusiliers.

9.  Quartermaster will arrange to have blankets sent to Billets.

10.  Arrival in Billets will be reported by runner to Battalion H.Q. GD. SERAUCOURT.

11.  Attention is drawn to orders previously issued regarding procedure in Reserve Area.


(sd)._____________R.I McCrum____________ Lieut.  A/Adjt.
9th (N.I.H.) Bn. Royal Irish Fusiliers.

Copies to –
1. Bn. H.Q.
2. O.C. All Companies.
6. T.O & Q.M.
7. 12th. R.I.R.
8. Right Bn.
9. Left Bn.
10. File.

Issued at                   a.m.           by runner.


CASUALTY REPORT Vide 108th Infantry Brigade Number S.C.X.3 of the 5th instant.

Rank                                               Name                         Nature of Casualty                               
Major                                              Brew J.G                    Missing (believed wounded) 26.3.18
Captain & Adjutant                           Henehan M (MC)          Missing 21.3.18
Captain                                           Vesey G.W (MC)          Wounded 24.3.18
2nd Lieutenant (Acting Captain)         Partridge J.H (MC)       Killed in action 24.3.18
Lieutenant                                       Johnstone G.I.O'F       Missing 27.3.18
2nd Lieutenant                                 Reid W.F                    Wounded 27.3.18
2nd Lieutenant                                 Maxwell A.F                Wounded 24.3.18
2nd Lieutenant                                 Gilmer E.H                  Missing 27.3.18
2nd Lieutenant                                 Perkins C.J.T              Missing 21.3.18
2nd Lieutenant                                 Irvine W.F                  Attd 1[2]th Royal Irish Rifles (believed missing)
2nd Lieutenant                                 Connor J.H                 Missing 27.3.18
2nd Lieutenant                                 Scott J                       Missing 27.3.18
2nd Lieutenant                                 Prenter D                   Killed in action 21.3.18
2nd Lieutenant                                 Smith R.L                   Wounded 27.3.18
2nd Lieutenant                                 Clarke N                     Missing 27.3.18
2nd Lieutenant                                 Pollock J.J.McE            Missing 27.3.18
2nd Lieutenant                                 Davies H.L                  Wounded 24.3.18
2nd Lieutenant                                 Roche W.H                 Missing 27.3.18
2nd Lieutenant                                 Bremner T                  Missing 27.3.18
2nd Lieutenant                                 Darling J                    Wounded 24.3.18
2nd Lieutenant                                 Slatter T                    Missing 24.3.18
2nd Lieutenant                                 Donaldson F.L.H         Missing 27.3.18
2nd Lieutenant                                 Henry A.W                 Missing 27.3.18

Other Ranks
Killed in action                15
Wounded                      75
Missing                        406
Wounded and missing      1
Total                           497

[Signed]  G.M Forde, Major
Commanding 9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers


A Company
Regimental No.       Rank                         Name                                   Nature of Casualty                            
4517                     Sergeant                   Hughes J                              Wounded.
41543                          "                        Lockhart W                          Missing.
14012                          "                        Breen J                                Missing.
15192                          "                        McMorrow J                          Missing.
15854                          "                        Palmer J                               Missing.  Admitted Hospital sick.
41876                          "                        Wilson T                              Missing.
43427                          "                        Journet C                            Missing.
22282                          "                        Jackson F                            Missing.
13102                   Corporal                    Matthews H                          Missing.
15848                          "                        Bryans J                              Missing.
21216                          "                        Moraghan J                          Missing.
14038                          "                        Brown J                               Wounded.
41387                          "                        Black J                                Missing.
8586                            "                        Bell F                                  Missing.
21005                          "                        O'Toole J                             Wounded.
43333                          "                        Groves D.E                          Missing.  Wounded.
43428                          "                        Roberts T                            Missing.
40113                   Lance Corporal           Dunn F                                Missing.
24320                          "                        Gageby J                             Missing.
41481                          "                        Brown R                              Missing.
43211                          "                        Hartropp W                         Wounded.
8754                           "                        Lloyd A                                Missing.
43416                          "                        Carman S                            Missing.
25275                          "                        Railey J                                Missing.
26101                          "                        Dunn A                               Missing.
19128                          "                        Brown A                              Missing.
14314                          "                        Hadden H                            Wounded.
41151                          "                        Orr J                                    Missing.
40039                          "                        Linzey E                              Missing.
22655                          "                        Proctor J                              Missing.
10100                          "                        Loughlin D                           Missing.
41064                          "                        Moran D                              Missing.
18926                          "                        Graham H                            Missing.
24164                   Private                      Allen G                                Wounded.
41073                          "                        Atkins G                               Missing.
24284                          "                        Alderdice T                           Missing.
22986                          "                        Adamson J                           Missing.
41404                          "                        Alexander W                       Missing.
41123                          "                        Burke I                                Missing.
22036                          "                        Boyle M                               Missing.
27650                          "                        Baird H                                Missing.
41411                          "                        Bell J                                   Missing.
21651                          "                        Bowman J                            Missing.
41388                          "                        Biggart W                            Missing.
41100                          "                        Brownlee H                          Missing.
25943                          "                        Blake J                                Missing.
26819                          "                        Burns T                               Missing.
43352                          "                        Britten A                             Missing.
14021                          "                        Buckley R                            Missing.
27453                          "                        Buckley R                            Missing.
40041                          "                        Blenkin J                              Missing.
24672                          "                        Cullen G                              Missing.
13454                          "                        Carbery P                            Missing.
41523                          "                        Cartmill T                             Killed in Action.
41395                          "                        Campbell B                          Missing.
18566                          "                        Cooper F                             Missing.
43197                          "                        Cooper E                             Missing.
40007                          "                        Cooper A.T                          Missing.
41486                          "                        Conway J                             Missing.
41485                          "                        Crawford S                          Missing.
22803                          "                        Clarke H                              Missing.
41076                          "                        Carson C                             Missing.
43041                          "                        Conlon T                             Missing.
43353                          "                        Dixon G.J                            Missing.
45278                          "                        Dickens F                             Missing.
14141                          "                        Davidson R                          Missing.
43325                          "                        Dyer H.E                              Missing.
25169                          "                        Eade G                                Missing.
16217                          "                        Egan J                                 Missing.
40150                          "                        Earl J                                   Missing.
41103                          "                        Emerson H                           Missing.
22551                          "                        Forde J.H                             Wounded.
11164                          "                        Fugard T                             Missing.
14192                          "                        Frazer H                              Wounded.
3897                            "                        Fitzpatrick A.C                      Missing.
3017                            "                        Gilmore J                             Missing.
41381                          "                        Gribben S                            Missing.
22854                          "                        Hamilton J                            Missing.
27871                          "                        Hanrahan N                          Missing.
14295                          "                        Herron R                             Missing.
43410                          "                        Henry E                               Missing.
27613                          "                        Hogg H                                Missing.
41079                          "                        Hack V                                Missing.
14313                          "                        Hyde W                               Missing.
41126                          "                        Johnston J                           Wounded.
14386                          "                        Kennedy R                           Missing.
22042                          "                        King T                                 Missing.
21674                          "                        Keown W                             Missing.
24353                          "                        Lynn J                                 Missing.
20592                          "                        Lynch M                               Killed in Action.
41082                          "                        Law R                                 Wounded.
17667                          "                        Lewis J                                Missing.
41549                          "                        McLellan A                            Missing.
41392                          "                        McClean W                           Missing.
14519                          "                        McClean W.J                         Missing.
21604                          "                        McKeown W                         Missing.
20994                          "                        McManus C                           Missing.
21018                          "                        McKissick M                          Missing.
43192                          "                        McGuinness P                       Missing.
14499                          "                        McCreary T                           Missing.
41410                          "                        Montgomery S                      Wounded.
18252                          "                        Marshall J                             Wounded.
18063                          "                        Moore J                                Missing.
14433                          "                        Moore J                                Missing.  Rejoined 6.4.18.
41131                          "                        Martin W                             Missing.
41412                          "                        Moon J                                 Killed in Action.
19752                          "                        McVeigh C                            Missing.
40155                          "                        Pole F                                  Missing.
43214                          "                        Pickering G                           Missing.
20359                          "                        Pickering G                           Wounded.
41548                          "                        Reid P                                  Wounded.
43217                          "                        Radford C.W                        Missing.
41136                          "                        Sharpe F                             Missing.  Rejoined 7.4.18.
40027                          "                        Smith A.S                            Missing.
14695                          "                        Smith S                               Missing.
40029                          "                        Saunderson A                       Missing.
12663                          "                        Spence T                              Wounded.
43204                          "                        Simpson A                           Missing.
19766                          "                        Simpson A                           Wounded.
40044                          "                        Storey W                             Missing.
27651                          "                        Sloss A                                Missing.
14689                          "                        Simons W                            Wounded.
17608                          "                        Smith J                                Missing.
12900                          "                        Stevenson D                        Missing.
22301                          "                        Tabrett W                            Missing.
14715                          "                        Teggart J.G                          Missing.
43335                          "                        Thurgut V                            Missing.
41099                          "                        Thistlewaite H                     Wounded.
22424                          "                        Tetley A                               Missing.
24061                          "                        Thompson D                        Missing.
22648                          "                        Vennard W                           Wounded.
21973                          "                        Veale W                               Missing.
41501                          "                        Wilson C                              Missing.
41525                          "                        Wilson F                              Missing.
41376                          "                        Ward F                                Wounded.
41413                          "                        Gibson J                               Missing.
13965                          "                        Anderson J                           Missing.
27874                   Lance Corporal         Reilly A                                 Wounded.
15418                          "                        Moore W                              Missing.


B Company
Regimental No           Rank                 Name                              Nature of Casualty                         
14746    Company Sergeant Major      Vennard T                        Wounded.
14556                    Sergeant             McClean W.J                     Wounded.
41522                         "                   Chambers J                       Missing.  Rejoined 3.4.18.
14108                         "                   Courtney H.W                   Missing.
14180               Lance Sergeant         Farson D                          Missing.
16424                    Sergeant             Pentland J                         Missing.
14017                         "                   Bratton J                           Wounded.
40182                         "                   Porter V.M                         Missing.
14605                    Corporal              Porter J                            Missing.
41384                         "                   Crozier G                           Missing.
23286                Lance Corporal         Murray D                          Missing.
28746                         "                    Harte D                            Missing.
14052                         "                    Chambers J.H                   Missing.  Rejoined 3.4.18.
21601                         "                    Bell J                                Wounded.
24726                     Private               Briggs R.J                         Missing.
41196                         "                    Buchanan W                    Missing.
41475                         "                    Bratty T                           Missing.
22683                         "                    Toomey J                         Missing.
29033                         "                    Whitla J                            Missing.
43357                Lance Corporal       Tuite W.J                          Missing.
13960                     Private               Atwell J                            Missing.
41153                         "                     Baldwin A                        Missing.
22635                         "                     Blair J                              Missing.
41487                         "                     Cole G                             Missing.
41515                         "                     Cherry W                         Missing.
21762                         "                     Ewart D                           Wounded.
14222                         "                     Gibson J.H                       Missing.
27859                         "                     Greenless S                      Missing.  Rejoined 3.4.18.
43321                         "                     Gumble K                         Missing.
41373                         "                     Higgins H                          Missing.
41696                         "                     Kerr R                              Missing.
41417                         "                     Lewis J                             Missing.
41511                Lance Corporal        Moffitt W.T                        Missing.
23302                     Private                McKeown J                        Missing.
41367                         "                     McDowell I.B                     Missing.
23878                         "                     Morton D                         Missing.
40183                         "                     Pettit F                             Missing.
41416                         "                     Rutherford W                    Missing.
41365                         "                     Steele T                            Missing.
41335                         "                     Scott W                            Missing.
14718                         "                     Trotter S                          Missing.
40073                         "                     Thompson C.A                  Missing.
21185                         "                     Tighe W                            Missing.
24172                         "                     Wortley J                          Missing.
17280                         "                     Hargraves A.B                   Missing.
40169                         "                     Hoynes D                          Missing.
45054                         "                     Hunn R                             Missing.
11946                         "                     Lawler J                            Missing.  Rejoined 3.4.18.
21411                         "                     McCready E                       Missing.  Rejoined 3.4.18.
24813                         "                     McQuade P                        Missing.
13314                         "                     O'Hanlon J                         Missing.
22951                         "                     Reid H                              Missing.
18464                Lance Corporal        Whiteside J                      Wounded.
27841                         "                      Bishop V.E                       Wounded.
41360                     Private                Baines W                          Missing.
41474                         "                      Beckett R                         Missing.
27903                         "                      Bowers J                          Missing.
41340                         "                      Childs E                           Missing.
27843                         "                      Carter W.H                       Missing.
14159                         "                      Elliott H                            Missing.
41362                         "                      Harvey N                          Missing.
41162                         "                      Kerr T                              Missing.
14490                         "                      Metcalfe T                        Missing.
23222                         "                      Murphy I                          Missing.
23709                         "                      Magill W                           Missing.  Rejoined 3.4.18.
22891                         "                      Murray M                         Missing.
41612                         "                      Nixon W.J                        Missing.
41168                         "                      Posnett G                        Missing.
40020                         "                      Ringrose A                      Killed in Action.
41334                         "                      Russell N                         Wounded.
41352                         "                      Topping R                       Wounded.
24371                         "                      Blevins G                         Missing.  Rejoined 3.4.18.
22970                         "                      Caddell A                         Missing.
18607                         "                      Ferguson J                       Missing.
41463                         "                      Hamilton W                      Missing.
41348                         "                      Herron R                         Missing.  Rejoined 3.4.18.
18671                         "                      Haddock T                       Missing.
41361                         "                      Kelly H.F                          Missing.
41642                         "                      Lee M                              Missing.
23690                         "                      Lynch P.J                         Missing.
41422                         "                      McIlraith T                       Missing.
22921                         "                      O'Brien T                        Missing.
15041                         "                      Plunkett J                        Missing.
24503                         "                      Roney T                          Missing.
17825                         "                      Sloan J.G                        Missing.
27727                         "                      Watson J                        Missing.
13900                         "                      Walls P                           Missing.
3952                          "                      Carson J                          Wounded.
27508                         "                      Maguire G                       Wounded.
22945                Lance Corporal           Mulholland J                     Missing.
21086                         "                      Mullin W                          Missing.
23568                     Private                 Coleman T                       Missing.
27800                         "                      Cartmill D                        Missing.
25172                         "                      Firth T                            Missing.
11500                         "                      Finlay R                           Missing.
3956                          "                      Fitzsimons J                     Missing.
20938                         "                      Gorman M                       Missing.
21401                         "                      Grimes J                         Missing.
41141                         "                      Webb F.W                      Missing.  Rejoined 3.4.18.
41374                         "                      Watson T                       Missing.
40078                         "                      Wheedon R                     Missing.
18422                         "                      Whittam W                     Missing.
43239                         "                      Talbot F                          Missing.
41169                         "                      Johnston G                     Missing.
16421                         "                      Walker S.J                       Missing.
43245                         "                      Sharman C.H                   Missing.
41333                         "                      Bell J.A                           Missing.  Rejoined 3.4.18.
40059                         "                      Child A                            Missing.
22619                         "                      Morton W                       Missing.


C Company
Regimental No     Rank                      Name                                  Nature of Casualty                                   
14040              Sergeant                   Barton H                             Missing.
23438          Lance Sergeant              Craig G                                Killed in Action
6328                     "                         Flynn B                                Wounded.
17441              Corporal                    Power S                               Missing.  Rejoined 6.4.18.
41269                   "                         Ferris E                                Wounded.
41328                   "                         McIntosh A                           Wounded.
41480                   "                         Patterson R                         Wounded.
41502                   "                         Keys J.H                               Missing.
19736                   "                         Murray B                              Missing.
13655          Lance Corporal              Finnimore C.A                       Wounded.
14724                   "                         Torrens J                              Missing.  Rejoined 6.4.18.
21399                   "                         Howard R                             Missing.
22973                   "                         Baxter A                              Wounded.
41308                   "                         Logan J.W                            Missing.
41504                   "                         Copeland H.G [T]                  Missing.
41483                   "                         Clarke A.G.H                         Missing.  Rejoined 2.4.18.
20781                   "                         Lay L                                   Missing.  Rejoined 2.4.18.
13860                   "                         Roache J                              Wounded.
18061    Private (Lance Corporal)       Johnston W.J                       Wounded.
43363                   "                         Hardington J                        Missing.
18069                Private                   Adams R                              Missing.
25050                   "                         Allen W                               Wounded.
24893                   "                         Anderson T.J                       Wounded.
23657                   "                         Baxter F.G                           Missing.
14030                   "                         Burns R                               Killed in Action.
24618                   "                         Baird J                                 Wounded.
41451                   "                         Brown W                             Missing.
41601                   "                         Britton J                              Missing.
14945                   "                         Barrett P                              Missing.
14103                   "                         Carson I                               Missing.
41256                   "                         Chambers T                          Wounded.
41291                   "                         Cathers J                              Missing.
41292                   "                         Clements J                            Wounded.
12469                   "                         Carson J                               Missing.
24025                   "                         Cassidy J                              Missing.
41446                   "                         Campbell R                           Missing.
41274                   "                         Davidson W                          Missing.  Rejoined 2.4.18.
41461                   "                         Davis J                                 Missing.  Rejoined 6.4.18.
41294                   "                         Elliott J                                 Wounded.
41310                   "                         Edwards R.J                         Missing.
41431                   "                         Edgar M                               Missing.
24759                   "                         Fry W.A                                Killed in Action.
41312                   "                         Ferguson W.V                       Missing.
41447                   "                         Foreman T                            Missing.
41453                   "                         Forbes J                               Killed in Action.
41491                   "                         Frazer R                               Missing.
15450                   "                         Foster R                               Missing.
18575                   "                         Findlay H                              Missing.
19773                   "                         Farquhar P                            Missing.
13771                   "                         Griffiths G                             Missing.
43376                   "                         Gordon G.W                         Wounded.
14214                   "                         Graham A                             Missing.
6123                     "                         Gibson J                               Missing.
18556                   "                         Glenn S                                Wounded.
19732                   "                         Haire J                                  Missing.
18250                   "                         Hooks J                                Missing.
14327                   "                         Hughes J                              Wounded.
41296                   "                         Harkness A.J                        Missing.
41322                   "                         Hill E                                    Missing.
41492                   "                         Hutchinson H                       Missing.
41433                   "                         Harper T                              Missing.
23344                   "                         Hauley R                              Missing.
25284                   "                         Hewitt W                             Missing.
20294                   "                         Irvine J                                Missing.
11712                   "                         Irvine H                               Missing.
41263                   "                         Jamison R.W                       Missing.
41442                   "                         Kennedy W                         Missing.
26859                   "                         Kenny J.J                             Missing.
43153                   "                         King P                                 Missing.
23705                   "                         Kerr S                                  Missing.
22801                   "                         Lyness T                              Killed in Action.
43332                   "                         Lamond R                            Wounded.
41448                   "                         Linton A                               Missing.
22292                   "                         Linsell A.J                             Missing.
41325                   "                         Lyons T                               Killed in Action.
22734                   "                         Maloney T                            Killed in Action.
41327                   "                         Morrison J                            Missing.
41435                   "                         Magill J                                Missing.
41437                   "                         Miller S                                Missing.  Rejoined 3.4.18.
41455                   "                         Miskimmon C                       Missing.
41610                   "                         Morrison G                           Missing.
41626                   "                         Mullen H                               Missing.
16024                   "                         Moyles T                              Missing.
23433                   "                         Mallon W                              Missing.
22898                   "                         Murray P                              Missing.
14525                   "                         McClean W.J                         Missing.
18249                   "                         McCready D                          Missing.
23727                   "                         McGarrity J                           Wounded.
24150                   "                         McElroy T                             Missing.
41267                   "                         McCormack A                       Missing.
41314                   "                         McMurray S                         Missing.
41547                   "                         McKevitt M                           Missing.
41606                   "                         McCurry T                            Missing.
14511                   "                         McGeown J                           Missing.
14548                   "                         McCleary J                            Missing.
3556                     "                         McCaffrey V                         Missing.
19823                   "                         McIvor J                              Missing.
21450                   "                         McNamra J                           Missing.
6403                     "                         McCann H                            Missing.
23288                   "                         McClatchey G                       Missing.
21078                   "                         McManus J                           Missing.  Rejoined 4.4.18.
17947                   "                         Neill W                                Missing.
17948                   "                         Neill R                                 Missing.
20325                   "                         Neilson A                             Wounded.
20026                   "                         Nesbitt T.A                          Missing.  Rejoined 2.4.18.
41258                   "                         Nelson W.A                         Missing.
24411                   "                         Nesbitt J                             Missing.
41611                   "                         Nichol J                               Missing.
41276                   "                         O'Brien J                             Missing.
15341                   "                         Ogden R                              Missing.
43259                   "                         Parker H                              Missing.  Rejoined 2.4.18.
41277                   "                         Pollock T                             Missing.
41459                   "                         Parke W                              Missing.
25184                   "                         Patterson D                          Missing.
25110                   "                         Pritchard A                           Missing.
24287                   "                         Richardson W.J                    Missing.
43330                   "                         Rice S.P                               Missing.
14975                   "                         Richardson W.L                    Missing.
41260                   "                         Rollins T.H                           Missing.
41278                   "                         Rooney J                             Missing.
21283                   "                         Rafferty T                            Missing.
41317                   "                         Ross J.A                              Missing.
43227                   "                         Smith C                               Missing.
23351                   "                         Smylie T                               Missing.
41262                   "                         Shaw A                                Missing.
41627                   "                         Sittlington T                         Missing.
14848                   "                         Steele T                               Missing.
26822                   "                         Sheridan P                           Wounded.
41280                   "                         Tughan R                            Missing.
41319                   "                         Todd W.D                            Missing.
43361                   "                         Wright S.G                          Killed in Action.
24704                   "                         Weir C                                 Missing.
27724                   "                         Watson J                            Missing.
16173                   "                         Watson T                            Missing.
21186                   "                         Walsh M                              Missing.
15635                   "                         Walls G                               Missing.
13439                   "                         Wall P                                 Missing.
29439                   "                         Weir W                               Missing.  Rejoined 6.4.18.


D Company
Regimental No          Rank                       Name                                 Nature of Casualty                           
41795     Company Sergeant Major       White A                              Wounded and Missing.
14554                   Sergeant                   McCullough D                      Missing.
14633                         "                         Redpath J                           Missing.
41179                         "                         McFadden G                       Missing.
41198                         "                         Nesbitt G                           Wounded.
16111               Lance Sergeant            Johnston R                         Missing.
41564                    Corporal                  Boyd J                                Missing.
14673                         "                         Sherman R                         Wounded.
16127                         "                         Mitchell S                           Killed in Action.
41200                         "                         McKinley A                          Missing.
41567                         "                         McMahon F.J                       Wounded.
41877                         "                         Reid B                                Wounded.
25133                         "                         Auston L                            Wounded.
24600                         "                         Ramsey J                           Wounded.
43275               Lance Corporal             Butters A                           Missing.
23736                         "                         McCabe H                           Missing.
41221                         "                         Waugh J                            Missing.
27819                         "                         Greenwood R                     Missing.
21735                         "                         Faul J.A                              Missing.
25109                         "                         Potter F                             Missing.
40049          Acting Lance Corporal       Alderson T                          Missing.
43384                         "                         Escott H                            Missing.
22935                         "                         McBride W                          Missing.
41223                         "                         Mitchell R                           Missing.
24817                         "                         Lacey J                              Wounded.
22018                     Private                    Allen W.M                          Missing.
40047                         "                         Andrews M.W                     Missing.
41191                         "                         Angus T                             Missing.
26098                         "                         Argue W.F                         Missing.
25099                         "                         Adams A.R                         Missing.
26091                         "                         Avington J                          Missing.
41629                         "                         Bell W                                Wounded.
24627                         "                         Bailie J                                Missing.
41231                         "                         Berrell G                             Missing.
16095                         "                         Black S                               Missing.
41396                         "                         Best F.J                              Missing.
40053                         "                         Brown W.H                         Missing.
41210                         "                         Brown R                             Missing.
41226                         "                         Burrows T                          Missing.
24516                         "                         Byers J                              Missing.
20925                         "                         Barkley P                            Wounded.
27918                         "                         Bridge C                            Missing.
41630                         "                         Chapman W                      Missing.
41215                         "                         Cassells A                          Missing.
24397                         "                         Cochrane R                        Killed in Action.
41554                         "                         Craig D                              Missing.
41616                         "                         Cullen T.G                          Missing.
41553                         "                         Campbell W                       Wounded.
18540                         "                         Cavanagh G                       Missing.
41244                         "                         Derry J                              Missing.
41551                         "                         Dowds J                            Missing.
41570                         "                         Davis J                               Missing.
45022                         "                         Donovin E                          Missing.
18643                         "                         Doyle E                              Missing.
27695                         "                         Egan A                              Wounded.
40043                         "                         Farley J                              Missing.
41574                         "                         Gordon W                          Missing.  Wounded.
14205                         "                         Gilliland J                            Missing.
14235                         "                         Gilkinson J                          Killed in Action.
20430                         "                         Galway P                            Missing.
16212                         "                         Goggins J                           Missing.
20340                         "                         Goodfellow H                      Wounded.
43082                         "                         Healy P                              Missing.
18507                         "                         Hale R                                Missing.
41233                         "                         Hunter J                             Missing.
41216                         "                         Hughes R                           Missing.
21145                         "                         Haire T                               Missing.
20349                         "                         Holbrook J                          Missing.
41576                         "                         Hull R.J                              Missing.
41575                         "                         Henry J                              Missing.
41600                         "                         Jack G                               Missing.
20547                         "                         Keegins M                          Missing.
41217                         "                         Kelly H                               Wounded.
41590                         "                         Kerr H                               Missing.
20949                         "                         Kerr B                               Missing.
41552                         "                         Lee A                                Missing.
41108                         "                         Lenaghan J                        Missing.
41239                         "                         Lamont A                           Missing.
41204                         "                         Lewis A                              Missing.
22969                         "                         Lyness F                            Wounded.
23181                         "                         Lauley H                            Wounded.
22987                         "                         Mackrell J                           Missing.
15432                         "                         Mather J                            Missing.
22981                         "                         Monaghan R                       Missing.
41251                         "                         Montgomery W                  Missing.
41562                         "                         Marks G.D                          Missing.
18660                         "                         Morrow W                          Missing.
20288                         "                         Murray J                            Wounded.
22851                         "                         McCaffrey J                        Missing.
24055                         "                         McCracken G                      Missing.
26907                         "                         McGoldrick J                       Missing.
14536                         "                         McCord W                          Missing.
14564                         "                         McCabe S                           Missing.
41194                         "                         McMaster J.T                      Missing.
41512                         "                         McAllister J                        Wounded.
41559                         "                         McClure J.G                        Missing.
41593                         "                         McCleary R                         Missing.
41599                         "                         McGaffin J                         Wounded.
22940                         "                         McMullen R                         Missing.
17660                         "                         McWhither J                       Missing.
22029                         "                         McBride J                           Missing.
3279                           "                         McConville P                       Missing.
21227                         "                         McGlinchey J                       Missing.
20627                         "                         McGorry J                          Missing.
3885                           "                         McConville E                       Missing.
21170                         "                         McNeill J                             Missing.
21010                         "                         McDavid J                          Missing.
21152                         "                         McKeever J                         Missing.
41594                         "                         Owens T                            Missing.
17134                         "                         Patterson R                       Missing.
14602                         "                         Preston T                          Missing.
27687                         "                         Russell J                            Missing.
43280                         "                         Rodgers W.K                     Missing.
43392                         "                         Rout F.G                           Missing.
27827                         "                         Roberts A                          Missing.
43035                         "                         Risebrook V                       Missing.
41598                         "                         Stewart P                          Missing.
41202                         "                         Smith S                             Missing.
41595                         "                         Sands D                            Missing.
41246                         "                         Simms H                            Missing.
24785                         "                         Spence D.C                        Missing.  Rejoined 6.4.18.
40070                         "                         Standing C                         Missing.
41561                         "                         Stronge G.E                       Missing.
26826                         "                         Sinclair J                            Missing.
21155                         "                         Sherrington T                     Wounded.
23505                         "                         Stevenson W                     Missing.
20767                         "                         Sanders A                          Missing.  Wounded.
41195                         "                         Tate F                               Missing.
43282                         "                         Travis J                              Missing.
41499                         "                         Thompson F                       Missing.
19794                         "                         Todd A                               Missing.
22759                         "                         Willis S                               Missing.
41631                         "                         Watt G                               Missing.
17933                         "                         Welch F                              Missing.
41597                         "                         Wilson J                             Missing.
5898                           "                         Wilson W.J                         Missing.



April 1918


St Quentain-Le-Mott. Marched to Ault and had general clean up, some bathing.


Training parades.


Entrained at Eu for Rexpoede at 2am by motor lorries to Herzeele.


Training parades; two Companies at baths in morning and two in afternoon. Lieutenant-Colonel Kelly returned from Hospital to Battalion.


Inspection of Brigade by II Corps Commander.


[7-8 April] Effective strength: 22 Officers, 728 Other Ranks, 37 horses, 22 mules. Ration strength: 16 Officers, 547 Other Ranks, 41 horses, 22 mules.
[7 April] Church Parade.
[8 April] Training parades.


Entrained at Herzeele 9am for Poperinghe. March to Siege Camp No.IV.


By motor lorries to Kemmel. Man Kemmel defenses at Lindenhoek Corner.


Kemmel to Messines Ridge. Headquarters at Stinking Farm. Heavy enemy shelling.


2am. Moved to near Wulverghem. Headquarters at N Midland Farm. Enemy attacked, pressing back our line. Counter attack completely restored position. Casualties heavy, including Medical Officer, Lieutenants Hamilton, Hardy and Miller killed. Captain Dean, Lieutenants Turner and Orr wounded.


12 midnight. Relieved by Sherwood Foresters.


Moved back to Kemmel defences.


9am. Moved to Regent Street dugouts. C Company manned outpost positions and was attacked. Captain Crosbie wounded and died same day.


12 midnight. Moved back to Clydesdale Camp for rest and reorganisation.



2am. Moved to Kemmel as composite Battalion with 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel Kelly. Heavy casualties, while moving into position, from enemy shelling. Captain Despard wounded and died soon after.
8pm. Relieved by French troops and marched to Siege Camp. 
Sheet 27 NW.



Colonel Kelly evacuated to (Hospital?) with shrapnel wound. Reorganisation and training parades.
Ration strength: 11 Officers, 489 Other Ranks, 40 horses, 22 mules.



Major G.M Forde MC assumed command.


Four Officers and about thirty Other Ranks reinforce.



4am. Move to Yellow Line, Headquarters at Border Camp. Working on defences and training till end of month.
Effective strength: 29 Officers, 651 Other Ranks, 35 horses, 22 mules.
Ration strength:    24 Officers, 507 Other Ranks, 35 horses, 22 mules.

[Signed] G.M Forde, Major
Officer Commanding
9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers.

List of Officers, Appendix 105.



Appendix No.105
9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers
Roll of Officers

Lieutenant-Colonel P.E.Kelly            Command

Major, 2nd in Command


Major G.M. Forde (MC)

Menaul W.J (MC)                            Command
Brennan, C.J                                 Command

Wilson G.W
Richardson G.H
McCrum R.I
Cooke J.A
Woods J                                       Command
Clarke St.G.H.L                              Command
Godson E.A (MC)                           Command

2nd Lieutenants
Davidson A
Smith J.I
Kerr C.H
Robinson G
Reynolds E.W
Mateer N.C
Murphy J.J
Graham W.G
Wilding A (MC)                              Command
Greenwood C.F.W
Ross C.A
Benson J
Smith C
Davis V.A
Leahy T.C
Burrows M.C
White T.F
Boyd J
Fitzsimon M.O'C
Midgley B.H
Barnes R.V                                   Command
Young J.B                                     Command
Ratcliffe C.S
Caldwell J.E                                   Command
Baker J.D                                      Command
Tweedie R (MM)                             Command
Webb R.J                                      Command
Baker F (MM)                                 Command

Captain I Sparks (MC)

Honorary Lieutenant Wilson G.W

Captain Bally H.S                           Chaplain

3 May 1918
[Signed] R.I McCrum, Lieutenant and Adjutant
for Major Commanding
9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers



May 1918


[1-4 May] Sheet 28 NW E.6.b, 1/20,000. Yellow Line. Working on defences and training specialists during day. Line manned by skeleton forces by night. Dispositions: two Corps in line, one support and one reserve. Right boundary Dirty Bucket Corner, left Alexandra Farm. Flanking units: right 12 Royal Irish Rifles, left Belgian Cyclist Battalion.
[3 May] Battalion team beat Belgian team at football by four goals to nil.
[4 May] 5pm. Moved to Green Line, in relief of 12 Royal Irish Rifles.


Defences worked on by day and manned by night. Brigade specialist classes commenced at transport lines, International Corner.
Effective strength:   32 Officers, 673 Other Ranks, 35 horses and 20 mules.
Ration strength:      27 Officers, 530 Other Ranks, 39 horses and 20 mules.
Dispositions: Four Companies in line, Middlesex Battalion on right and Belgian Battalion on left.



5pm. Battalion relieved by 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers and moved back to Yellow Line. Billets in (Steentje?) Camp. Headquarters at Fa(?). Work and training continued.



Church Parades in evening.
Effective strength:  34 Officers, 678 Other Ranks, 33 horses and 21 mules.
Ration strength:     39 Officers, 609 Other Ranks, 37 horses and 21 mules.
Increase:               Lieutenant E.A Godson (MC), Lieutenant K Morrow (TO).



Sheet 28NW E.6.b 1/20,000. Yellow Line. 8pm. Relieved 2nd Royal Irish Rifles in Brigade Reserve in front system Left Brigade Sector. Dispositions: right front, C Company; left front, B Company; support, A and D Companies; with Headquarters in Canal bank. Flanking units: right, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers; left, Belgian Battalion. Relief completed about 12 midnight. Working on defences by night only, to avoid observation. Enemy activity confined to shelling, probably meant for batteries west of canal. One fatal casualty in A Company. Brilliant sunshine and intense heat during six-day tour. (Appendix 106.)


Effective strength:  34 Officers, 935 Other Ranks, 32 horses, 21 mules.
Ration strength:     27 Officers, 646 Other Ranks, 36 horses, 21 mules.
Increase:               –.............., 235 Other Ranks. Decrease: 1 horse.



Sheet St Julian 6(a?). Brigade Reserve, Canal Bank. 9pm. Relieved 12th Royal Irish Rifles, in right sub-sector, front system. Dispositions: right front, A Company; left front, C Company and one Platoon D Company. C.A: D Company (three Platoons). Reserve: B Company. Headquarters: Hill Top Farm. Flanking units: Right, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers; left, 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers.
Relieve passed off satisfactorily. At 11.30pm the enemy put down a heavy barrage on the 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers and raided one of their posts. Otherwise the night passed quietly. (Appendix 107.)


Ref Special Sheet, St Julien 6B 1/10,000. Right sector front line. Owing to bad observation the day passed very quietly. During the night our patrols investigated the vicinity of Von Hugel Farm and Cheddar Villa. No signs of enemy were encountered. The night passed unusually quietly, probably owing to a suspected relief.


The day passed quietly. At 3.30am and 4.30pm C.22.e was lightly shelled by 4.5 howitzers east (..?..) our lines at 11.15am and were unsuccessfully engaged. Nothing of importance occurred during the day.


Our own artillery showed increased activity throughout the day without drawing hostile retaliation. A fighting patrol of two Officers and twelve Other Ranks failed to discover any trace of the enemy between Jasper and Rat Farms. Enemy machine-guns were (s?)lightly active during the night on roads and tracks.


At 2.30am hostile bombardment commenced on left of Brigade front and spread north where the enemy attempted to raid the Belgians 3000 on our left. With the exception of a few shells on Wietje at about 3am, hostile artillery inactive on this front. Our own artillery was active during the day and replied vigorously to enemy bombardment in the morning. A fighting patrol failed to discover traces of the enemy west of Jasper Farm. At 11.10pm the 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers on our left raided an enemy post near C.17.c.45.45, but found the garrison had cleared. Our artillery continued the bombardment till 11.40pm. 6" Stokes Mortar assisted. During the operation a fire was (observed?) in Rat Farm. Absence of hostile machine-gun fire, artillery retaliation and Very Lights was marked.


Right sub-sector front line Hill Top. At 5.30am hostile artillery shelled the Battalion on our left, apparently in retaliation for the raid. Owing to excellent visibility there was great aerial activity during the morning and many observation balloons were up. The day passed quietly.


The day passed quietly on this front. The Battalion was relieved in the right sub-sector by the 2nd Royal Irish Rifles, 107th Infantry Brigade, and on relief moved by light railway to Hospital Farm Camp. In spite of hostile shelling on the entraining point, no casualties were suffered during the relief. Total casualties during this tour: 3 Other Ranks died of wounds, 2 wounded, 1 self-inflicted, 1 W-(?)-D. Fighting strength: 34 Officers, 974 Other Ranks. On relief the 108th Infantry Brigade moved into Divisional Reserve.


Hospital Farm. The day was spent in cleaning up etc.


Hospital Farm. Divisional Reserve. Provided working party of two Companies on Green Line. Two Companies training. The whole Battalion was bathed during the day. Major R.G Kerr MC reported his arrival and assumed duties of Second-in-Command.


Operation Order No.3
by Major G.M Forde MC
Commanding 9th (NIH) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers
B.E.F.  16 May 1918

Reference Sheet 28 NW Ed.6b 1/20,000

No.1  The Battalion will relieve the 2nd Royal Irish Rifles in Brigade Reserve in the Front System Left Brigade Sector on the night of 17/18th inst.

No.2  (a)  Companies will relieve opposite numbers.
         (b)  Advance Parties.  One Officer per Company, one NCO per Platoon and one NCO from Battalion Headquarters will leave Camp at 4.30pm.
         (c)  Transport.  One limber will follow the leading Platoon of each Company for Lewis Guns, magazines, Camp Kettles and Officers Mess Kit.  Limbres will be at Steenje Camp at 7pm.  At 8.30pm one G.S. Wagon and one Maltese Cart will report at Battalion Headquarters for Mess Kit, Signallers Stores and Medical Officer's Stores.
         (d)  Blankets.  Blankets to be rolled in bundles of ten and to be clearly marked, to be stacked outside the Guard Room at 10am.  All Officers Kits etc, for the Quartermaster Stores, will be stacked in a separate dump outside the Guard Room, at 5pm.  Transport Officer will arrange to collect these as well as Battalion Headquarters kits. 
         (e)  Companies will lead off:  C Company 8.00pm; B Company 8.15pm; A Company 8.30pm; D Company 8.45pm; Battalion Headquarters 9.00pm.  Three minutes between Platoons and 200 yards when halted. 
         (f)  Guides.  One Guide per Platoon and for Battalion Headquarters will be at Essex Farm C.25.a.35.85 at 10.30pm.
         (g)  Taking over.  All trench stores, ammunition and defence schemes, work in progress proposed, will be taken over.  Copies of all stores taken over to be sent to Battalion Headquarters by 12 noon 18th inst. 
         (h)  Relief Complete to be reported by wire in BAB Code and by Runner, who will be retained at Battalion Headquarters over night.
         (i)  Route:  Dirty Bucket Corner – Railway Junction – Siege Junction – Dawsons Corner – Cross Roads B.29.d.7.5 – Essex Farm.
         (j)  Rations.  Rations for B and C Companies will be sent to Zouave Villa.  Rations for Battalion Headquarters, A and D Companies will be dumped on the road at a point opposite the small bridge across the Canal, near Battalion Headquarters (about C.25.c.75.60).
         (k)  Water.  Watercart for B and C Companies Zouave Farm.  Battalion Headquarters, A and C Companies, near C.25.c.75.60.  Watercarts are filled at nights.

No.3  Liaison.  2nd Lieutenant Mateer and two Runners from Battalion Headquarters will be attached to the Belgian Battalion Headquarters on the left.  Officer Commanding C and B Companies will detail two good Runners (each) to report to 2nd Lieutenant Mateer at Battalion Headquarters at 9.30am for Liaison Work.  Instructions will be issued to all Runners on reporting.


Issued through Signals at 9pm.

[Signed] W Sparks
Captain & Adjutant
9th (NIH) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers

16 May 1918

Copy No.1 to Officer Commanding A Company
Copy No.2 to Officer Commanding B Company
Copy No.3 to Officer Commanding C Company
Copy No.4 to Officer Commanding D Company
Copy No.5 to Officer Commanding 2nd Royal Irish Rifles
Copy No.6 to Commanding Officer
Copy No.7 to Quartermaster & Transport Officer
Copy No.8 to Medical Officer


Operation Order No.4
by Lieutenant Colonel G.M Forde MC, commanding
9th (NIH) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers

Reference Sheet special St Julian 6a.

1.  The Battalion will relieve the 12th Royal Irish Rifles in the right sub sector of the front Line, on the night of the 23/24th inst.

2.  (a)  Companies will relieve like Companies, on relief will be disposed:
A Company – Right Front Line.  Headquarters Wieltje.
C Company and one Platoon of D Company – Left Front Line.  Headquarters Caliban Trench.
D Company (minus one Platoon) – Counter Attack Company.  Headquarters about Wieltje Farm.
B Company – Reserve Company.  Headquarters Irish Farm.

     (b)  A Company 12th Royal Irish Rifles will take over from B Company 9th Royal Irish Fusiliers in Support.
B Company 12th Royal Irish Rifles will take over from A Company 9th Royal Irish Fusiliers in Support.
C Company 12th Royal Irish Rifles will take over from C Company 9th Royal Irish Fusiliers in Support.
D Company 12th Royal Irish Rifles will take over from D Company 9th Royal Irish Fusiliers in Support.

     (c)  All stores, defence schemes, work in progress and proposed to be carefully handed over and copies sent to Battalion Headquarters after dusk on 24 May 1918.  No taking over parties except Signallers, will be sent up.  Two Signallers from each Company and two from Battalion Headquarters will rendezvous at Cross Roads Burnt Farm at 5.30pm and proceed to Battalion Headquarters Hill Top at 200 yards interval between pairs. 

     (d)  Platoons will pass starting points and pick up Guides as per attached March table. 

     (e)  Rations will be sent up to Battalion Dump for A, C and D Companies and Battalion Headquarters at C.21.d.3.6 at 11.30pm.  B Company's rations will be sent direct to Irish Farm.  The Transport Officer will arrange for the empty Limbers to pick up the kits of Officers of the 12th Royal Irish Rifles at these dumps, and take same back to the Reserve Position, evacuated by Companies of this Battalion. 

     Water.  Water Cart fills tank at Battalion Headquarters, refils and fills tank at Irish Farm, then refils again and returns to Battalion Headquarters, when the horses will be sent back.  Water for C and A Companies is sent in Petrol Tins. 

3.  No.13 Platoon D Company will be attached to C Company.  Quartermaster will make necessary arrangements about rations. 

4.  Officer Commanding B Company will arrange that one complete Platoon always remains in reserve for defence, and is not taken for carrying parties etc. 

5.  R.A.P. [Regimental Aid Post] Hill Top Farm.

6.  Completion of relief will be reported by Runner, he will report to Adjutant, and will remain at Battalion Headquarters overnight.  Relief Complete will also be reported by wire in Code. 
A Company "Nil Return"
B Company "None Required"
C Company "Six Required"
D Company "Four Required"

[Signed] W Sparks
Captain & Adjutant
9th (NIH) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers

22 May 1918

Issued at Signals 10.15pm

Copy No.1 to Brigade
Copy No.2 to A Company
Copy No.3 to B Company
Copy No.4 to C Company
Copy No.5 to D Company
Copy No.6 to Commanding Officer
Copy No.7 to Transport Officer
Copy No.8 to Quartermaster
Copy No.9 to Medical Officer
Copy No.10 to ) War Diary
Copy No.11 to )
Copy No.12 to Regimental Sergeant Major
Copy No.13 to File


                                                Pass starting point at        Pick up guides at        Time
C Company
No.9 Platoon                                        9.20pm                  C.21.c.3.3                 9.30pm
No.10 Platoon                                      9.23                      C.21.c.3.3
No.11 Platoon                                      9.26                      C.21.c.3.3
No.12 Platoon                                      9.29                      C.21.c.3.3
No.13 Platoon                                      9.32                      C.21.c.3.3

A Company
No.1 Platoon                                        9.35pm                  C.26.a.7.6                9.30pm
No.2 Platoon                                        9.38                      C.26.a.7.6
No.3 Platoon                                        9.41                      C.26.a.7.6
No.4 Platoon                                        9.44                      C.26.a.7.6

D Company
No.14 Platoon                                      9.50pm                  C.26.a.7.6
No.15 Platoon                                      9.53                      C.26.a.7.6
No.16 Platoon                                      9.56                      C.26.a.7.6

B Company
No.5 Platoon                                        10.05pm                C.26.a.7.6
No.6 Platoon                                        10.08                    C.26.a.7.6
No.7 Platoon                                        10.11                    C.26.a.7.6
No.8 Platoon                                        10.14                    C.26.a.7.6

Battalion Headquarters                         10.20pm                 C.21.d.2.4

200 yards between Platoons.  Punctuality in passing starting points is essential. 

Start point Cross Roads C.20.c.6.2.


Operation Order No.5
by Lieutenant Colonel G.M Forde MC Commanding
9th (NIH) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers

Reference Special Sheet St Julian 1/10,000

1.  The 2nd Battalion Royal Irish Rifles will relieve the Battalion in the Right Sub-Sector on the night of the 29th/30th May 1918.  On relief the Battalion will move into Reserve at Hospital Farm Camp. 

2.  D Company 2nd Royal Irish Rifles will relieve A Company 9th (NIH) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers.
C Company 2nd Royal Irish Rifles with one Platoon of A Company will relieve C Company 9th Royal Irish Fusiliers with one Platoon of D Company.
A Company 2nd Royal Irish Rifles will relieve D Company 9th Royal Irish Fusiliers.
B Company 2nd Royal Irish Rifles will relieve B Company 9th Royal Irish Fusiliers.

3.  (a)  One Guide per Platoon and Battalion Headquarters under an Officer from B Company will meet the incoming Platoons at Zouave Siding at 9.15pm.  This Officer will be responsible for seeing that Guides know what Platoon of incoming Battalion they are to Guide.  Guides will rendezvous at Battalion Headquarters at 8.45pm under this Officer.

     (b)  All Trench Kits, Officers Mess Boxes etc, will be at Battalion Headquarters Ration Dump at 10.30pm.  The Transport Officer will arrange to send up a G.S. Wagon at 11pm to collect same. 

     (c)  The Quartermaster will arrange to take over Hospital Camp on the 29th inst., and will arrange a Guide to be on duty at detraining point. 

     (d)  Reverend H.F Bally C.F., will hand over Canteen to 107th Infantry Brigade. 

     (e)  Meals.  Hot tea will be sent up as soon as possible after dusk 29th.  Officer Commanding B and D Companies will arrange to send four men each to carry for A and C Companies.  Petrol tins will be carried out.  Dinners will be served on arrival at Hospital Camp. 

     (f)  Handing over.  All Trench stores, Work in Progress, and proposed, Defence schemes, Aeroplane Photographs etc, to be carefully handed over and copy of receipt sent to Battalion Headquarters by 12 noon 30th inst. 

     (g)  Officer Commanding Companies will report their arrival in Camp.

     (h)  Completion of relief to be reported by wire by code word Surnames of Company Commanders. 

4.  Entraining.  The Battalion will entrain at Zouave Siding.  2nd Lieutenant Davis will superintend the entraining.  Detraining Point Cullonden. 
Trains.  1.30am B and D Companies and two Companies 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers.  2.00am A and C Companies and two Companies of 1st Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers. 


[Signed] W Sparks
Captain & Adjutant
9th (NIH) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers

Copy No.1 to 108th Infantry Brigade
Copy No.2 to A Company
Copy No.3 to B Company
Copy No.4 to C Company
Copy No.5 to D Company
Copy No.6 to Commanding Officer
Copy No.7 to Transport Officer & Quartermaster
Copy No.8 to 2nd Battalion, Royal Irish Fusiliers
Copy No.9 to 9th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Copy No.10 to War Diary


9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers
Roll of Officers

Lieutenant-Colonel P.E Kelly            Command

Major, 2nd in Command

Major G.M Forde MC

Menaul W.J. (MC)                           Command
Brennan C.J.                                 Command

Wilson G.W.
Richardson G.H.
McCrum R.I.
Cooke J.A.
Woods J.                                      Command
Clarke St.G.H.L.                            Command
Godson E.A. (MC)                          Command

2nd Lieutenants
Davidson A.
Smith J.I.
Kerr C.H.
Robinson G.
Reynolds E.W.
Mateer N.C.
Murphy J.J.
Graham W.G.
Wilding A. (MC)                             Command
Greenwood C.F.W.
Ross C.A.
Benson J.
Smith C.
Davis V.A.
Leahy T.C.
Burrows M.C.
White T.F.
Boyd J.
Fitzsimon M.O'C.
Midgley B.H.
Barnes R.V.                                  Command
Young J.B.                                    Command
Ratcliffe C.S.
Caldwell J.E.                                  Command
Baker J.D.                                     Command
Tweedie R. (MM)                            Command
Webb R.J.                                     Command
Baker F (MM)                                 Command

Captain I Sparks (MC)

Honorary Lieutenant Wilson G.W.

Captain Bally H.S.                          Chaplain


[Signed] G.M Forde
Major Commanding
9th (NIH) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers