North Irish Horse war diaries

The commander of every British Army unit was required to keep a record of each day's events while on overseas service in time of war. This was to include important orders, despatches and instructions, location, duties of staff, the weather, state of the roads and ground, casualties and the comings and goings of officers, "all matters of importance, military and political", and "in what respect organizations and regulations have stood the test of war". Commanders interpreted these instructions very differently, perhaps depending on the administrative diligence of their staff. Lieutenant-Colonel Cole, for example, often though it sufficient to make a single monthly entry for A Squadron and the 1st Regiment North Irish Horse ("Humbercourt. Corps Cavalry duties"). Others found time to record detailed accounts of everything from the movement of clothing requisitions to the score in the inter-Battalion football match.

The original War Diaries for all North Irish Horse and associated units in the First World War are held in the National Archives at Kew, London. The attached transcriptions have been taken from images of the originals kindly provided by Hugh Vaugh.

The transcriptions are, to the extent possible, word-for-word, with the exception of the 9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion diaries in which, for ease of reading and clarity I have standardised capitalisation and some punctuation, corrected obvious spelling errors, spelled-out most acronyms and replaced abbreviations with full text.

The diaries are complete, with the following exceptions: It appears that no diary was kept by C Squadron from 22 August 1914 to 30 June 1915; no diary was kept for D or E Squadrons from 1 to 9 May 1916, the days immediately prior to their forming the 1st Regiment North Irish Horse; no diary was kept for the 1st Regiment from its formation on 10 May 1916 to 31 May; no diary was kept for the 2nd Regiment from its formation on 21 June 1916 to 3 July.

The diaries are as follows (National Archives War Office reference number shown in brackets):

A Squadron North Irish Horse
5 August 1914 to 31 December 1915 (95/86)
1 January to 9 May 1916 (95/2914)

C Squadron North Irish Horse
1 July 1915 to 30 June 1916 (95/1399)

D Squadron North Irish Horse
1 May 1915 to 30 April 1916 (95/2854)

E Squadron North Irish Horse
11 January to 30 April 1916 (95/2445)

F Squadron North Irish Horse
16 November 1915 to 31 May 1916 (95/2413)
1 June to 30 June 1916 (95/874)

1st North Irish Horse Regiment
1 June to 31 December 1916 (95/874)
1 January to 31 July 1917 (95/816)
1 August 1917 to 31 March 1918 (95/874)

2nd North Irish Horse Regiment
4 July 1916 to 31 August 1917 (95/874)

V Corps Cyclist Regiment (North Irish Horse)
1 April 1918 to 31 May 1919 (95/761)

9th (North Irish Horse) Battalion, Royal Irish Fusiliers (95/2505)

1 September 1917 to 28 February 1918
1 March to 31 May 1918
1 June to 31 August 1918
1 September to 31 December 1918
1 January to 9 June 1919